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11/04/2019 MINUTES 1 <br /> <br /> <br /> COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON COMMISSIONER’S AUDITORIUM SPECIAL MEETING MONDAY 1:30 P.M. NOVEMBER 4, 2019 <br />Board members present: Chairman Cory Wright; Vice-Chairman Brett <br />Wachsmith and Commissioner Laura Osiadacz. <br /> <br />Others: Taylor Crouch, Deputy Clerk of the Board I; Mark Cook, Public <br />Works Director/Interim Engineer; Peggy Morache, Executive Director of <br />FISH; John Raymond, Chief Operations Officer of HopeSource; Linda Kelly, <br />Executive Director of Kittitas Habitat for Humanity; and approximately <br />15 members of the public. <br /> SPECIAL MEETING COUNTY SHOP PROPERTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> <br />At 1:30 p.m. Chairman Wright opened a Special Meeting to discuss future <br />plans for the Lower County Shop property. <br /> <br />Chairman Wright began with an explanation of the County’s plan to <br />surplus the property in the next 3-5 years, leaving this space open for <br />new development. <br /> <br />Peggy Morache, Executive Director of FISH gave a presentation of their <br />organizational needs. The County Shop property is too small for what <br />FISH would like to see for themselves and having all their services in <br />one location. Ms. Morache explained that FISH would like to step back <br />from this lot, but would support HopeSource or Habitat for Humanity in <br />their efforts for the property. <br /> <br />John Raymond, Chief Operations Officer of HopeSource gave a presentation <br />for their plan for the property. HopeSource sees the property as an <br />opportunity for affordable housing, and would want to work with the <br />community around the property to develop the best mix-use model for the <br />space to see what kind of services could be integrated into the housing <br />mix. HopeSource would like to see 50 units of affordable housing on the <br />property. <br /> <br />Linda Kelly, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity gave a <br />presentation of their organizational needs. The current Habitat store is <br />too small by national standards and is becoming defective. Habitat would <br />like to see a space where their store and their offices can be at the <br />same location. Ms. Kelly explained that while Habitat’s home models