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y <br />Public Health <br />.rt <br />To Protect and Promote the Health and the Environment of the People of Kittitas County <br />Memorandum of Understanding <br />This memorandum of Understanding is between Kittitas County Public Health Department <br />located at 507 N Nanum St., Suite #102 Ellensburg, WA 98926, hereinafter referred to as <br />"KCPHD" <br />And <br />Fmpkbbi eup-Le Operatil = Lhe Greater 'ol u mWa 2-1- 1. 1 n formation and Referral center <br />located at 3{]2 W. Lincoln Ave.,_j kimg WA 28902 hereinafter referred to as "GC 211." <br />THE PURPOSE OF THIS MEMORANDUM OF UNDE;RSTAN DING is to establish an agreement <br />between GC 211 and KCPHD to coordinate public health information, specific to Kittitas <br />County, provided through the 211 system. <br />SCOPE OF SERVICES: GC 211 will act as a clearinghouse for information about Kittitas <br />County public health emergencies, disasters, or matters of general concern to the public. <br />RESONSIBILITIES OF KCPHD include the following: <br />I. Provide information to GC 211 via the public information officer (PIO). <br />2. Ensure KCPHD information is updated annually, or as needed. <br />3. Maintain confidentiality as required by Washington State Public Disclosure Act. <br />RESPONSIBILITIES OF GC 211 include the following: <br />1. Provide non -emergency information about Kittitas County public health services. <br />2. Serve as regional call center during a man-made or natural disaster during normal <br />hours of operation, Sam - Spm, Monday through Friday. <br />TERM OF AGREEMENT: The term of this Memorandum of Understanding shall commence <br />on January 1.2020 and continue until December 31, 2023, unless terminated earlier. <br />•• ��•.lf�•UN 11, <br />507 N Nanum Street, St. 102 Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />T' So9 962 7515 F: Sog 962 7581 <br />www co <br />