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Service Agreement # 19-33 Amendment # 1 <br />Between <br />WALLA WALLA COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY HEALTH <br />And <br />KITTITAS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br />Agreement 19-33 by and between Walla Walla County Department of Community Health, <br />hereinafter "County," and Kittitas County Public Health Department hereinafter "Contractor," is <br />amended as follows and in the attached Exhibit E (Expenditure and Budget Workbook): <br />Amendment 1: <br />Section 5 of the General Terms and Conditions is amended to eliminate references to <br />AmpliFund: <br />5.1 Contractor shall submit claims for reimbursement by the tenth (10th) working day <br />following the end of the month in which the expenses claimed were incurred. County <br />agrees to make payment with County warrants, as approved by the Auditor of County, <br />within forty-five (45) working days following receipt of Contractor's approved claim <br />for reimbursement, contingent on the availability of funds. <br />5.1.1 Claims for reimbursement shall be submitted thfetigh AmpliFund, to the <br />Department of Community Health email: DCHContractsBilling@co.walla- <br /> via Exhibit E — Budget and Expenditure Workbook, <br />Expenditure Report Form (ERF). . is gfant man agemeat systefn. <br />5.1.2 Submitting a Final Payment Request via the ERF the .,.h A fflpi: and will <br />signify that the Contractor certifies under penalty of perjury that the items <br />and totals listed herein are proper charges for materials, merchandise or <br />services furnished to the County of Walla Walla and that all goods <br />furnished and/or services rendered have been provided without <br />discrimination because of age, sex, marital status, race, creed, color, <br />national origin, handicap, religion, or Vietnam era or disabled veterans <br />status and the claim is just, due and unpaid obligation against the County of <br />Walla Walla and that I am authorized to authenticate and certify to said <br />claim. <br />5.1.3 Payment shall be based upon itemized billings supported by accompanying <br />documentation. <br />5.1.4 County shall compensate Contractor no more often than monthly for <br />Contractor's service. No payment shall be made in the month services are <br />rendered unless otherwise approved by County. <br />Attachments: Exhibit E — Budget and Expenditure Workbook <br />All other conditions of Service agreement #19-33 remain in full force and effect. <br /># 19-33 Amend #I GT&C Kittitas County Public Health Yr 3 YMPEP 1 of 2 <br />