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KITTITAS COUNTY HEALTH NETWORK <br />• • •• o. _ -----;-_--;-;;; ; _ ---= .-_ ----;-11 ___ -_ <br />MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br />PURPOSE & SCOPE <br />This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the terms by which organizations and individuals <br />participating in the Kittitas County Health Network (KCHN) commit to furthering the mission and vision <br />of KCHN through contributions at the Board of Director, Leadership Council, and/or Work Group/Task <br />Force levels. <br />The mission of the Kittitas County Health Network (KCHN) is to improve population health through <br />cross-sector collaboration and systems integration. The vision is that all people in Kittitas County are <br />supported in achieving health and wellbeing. The role of each KCHN member is to adopt and support <br />the Network goals; and provide strategic guidance, vision, leadership, and oversight. The Network will <br />use "cascading levels of collaboration" to create a high degree of transparency among all organizations <br />and levels. Community members, agency partners, work groups, the backbone organization, the <br />Leadership Council, and the Board of Directors will engage in bidirectional public will, execution, action <br />planning, governance, vision, and strategy (i.e ., information will flow both from the top down and from <br />the bottom up.) <br />GOVERNING STRUCTURE <br />Network members will participate in at least one of the following levels: <br />• The Board of Directors is comprised of cross-sector agency leadership (top level) representative <br />of the relevant ecosystem that provides high-level strategic direction for the Network and <br />champions its work. Their role is to provide high-level strategic direction, financial oversight, and <br />policy governance. They review and approve organization's mission and purpose, policies, <br />outcomes, programs, services, and financial controls and health. They create a well-defined <br />structure of effective Board committees with clear purposes and tasks. They define and apply <br />Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, select and evaluate the Executive Director, and approve <br />all contracts and policies. They commit to consistently seek sustainability and viability of the <br />organization and support implementation of the Strategic Plan and the Community Health <br />Improvement Plan (see summary in Appendix A). <br />• The Leadership Council is comprised of cross-sector agency representatives and community <br />members who are highly engaged in leading community health improvement activities. The <br />Leadership Council reports to the Board of Directors and acts as a permanent advisory body <br />through representation by three designated and accepted non-voting members to the Board. <br />They are responsible for overseeing the implementation of strategies from the Community <br />Health Improvement Plan and representing the community in achieving the KCHN mission. They <br />identify and recruit a broad base of community members including a significant number external <br />to medical/behavioral/social service providers. They develop support and buy in from diverse <br />community sectors, implement Community Engagement and Communications Plans, assess <br />sustainability and viability, lead vision and strategy development, share information, and <br />Improving Population Health Through Cross-sector Collaboration and Systems Integration <br />All People in Kittitas County Are Supported in Achieving Health and Wellbeing <br />