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PROJECT NAME: Suncadia Phase 2 Division 5- Preliminary Plat (LP-19-00001) <br />Completed for: BOCC Public Hearing and Decision – 5/7/2019 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Index # <br /> <br />Document Name <br />32 Site Development Plan Letter <br />31 Public Notice Hearing to Web <br />30 Public Hearing Notice to Papers <br />29 Request to Set Public Hearing <br />28 Transmittal of Comments <br />27 Kittitas Public Works Engineering Comment <br />26 Kittitas Public Works Planning Comment <br />25 Kittitas County Public Health Comment Letter <br />24 Yakama Nation Comment Letter <br />23 Washington Department of Ecology Comment Letter <br />22 Washington Department of Health Comment <br />21 Public Comments <br />20 Returned Notices <br />19 Notice of Application Mailing List <br />18 Request for Agency Comment Email <br />17 Affidavit of Mailing and Publication <br />16 Legal Proof Northern Kittitas County Tribune <br />15 Legal Proof Daily Record <br />14 Notice of Application <br />13 Notice of Application Legal <br />12 Deemed Complete Letter <br />11 Site Maps <br />10 Preliminary Plat <br />9 Engineering Drawings <br />8 Site Development Plan <br />7 Title Report <br />6 Site and Engineering Summary <br />5 Land Use Calculations <br />4 Project Narrative <br />3 SEPA Checklist <br />2 Application <br />1 Title Page/Submission List