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<br />Proposed Kittitas County Code (KCC) Amendments to <br />International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) <br />April 4, 2019 <br /> <br />Chapter 20.10 <br />Wildland Urban Interface Code <br />Kittitas County hereby adopts the following code for the purpose of establishing rules and regulations <br />for all areas designated as Wildland Urban Interface areas within Kittitas County. <br />1. The International Wildland-Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) the most current adopted edition, as <br />published by the International Code Council; with the following adopted appendices and <br />amendments: <br />a. Appendices <br />i. Appendix B: Vegetation Management Plan <br />ii. Appendix C: Fire Hazard Severity Form <br />b. Amendments <br />1. The following amendments shall be made: <br />Section 105.2 Technical assistance. To determine the acceptability of technologies, processes, products, <br />facilities, materials and uses attending the design, operation or use of a building or premises subject to <br />the inspection of the code official, the code official is authorized to require the owner, the owner's <br />authorized agent or the person in possession or control of the building or premises to provide, without <br />charge to the jurisdiction, a technical opinion and report. The opinion and report shall be prepared by a <br />federal fire agency or fire marshal’s office, a state fire agency or fire marshal’s office, a public university <br />with an accredited program in Fire Sciences, or a certified scientific and objective testing agency such as <br />Underwriters Laboratories or CSA Group Testing and Certification Inc. The Code Official shall have the <br />authority to approve testing agencies. a qualified engineer, specialist, laboratory or fire safety specialty <br />organization acceptable to the code official and the owner or the owner's authorized agent, and The <br />opinion and report shall analyze the fire safety of the design, fire resistance of building products, <br />operation or use of the building or premises, the facilities and appurtenances situated thereon and fuel <br />management for purposes of establishing fire hazard severity to recommend necessary changes. <br />Section 302.1 Wildland Urban Interface Area Declaration of Designations. All unincorporated areas within <br />Kittitas County are designated as Wildland Urban Interface areas and shall be identified per the most current <br />edition of the WUI Kittitas County Wildland Urban Areas map. <br />Section 403.2.1 Dimensions. Not adopted. See KCC Code Titles 12 and 20. <br />Section 403.2.2 Length. Not adopted. See KCC Code Titles 12 and 20. <br />Section 403.2.3 Service Limitations. Not adopted. See KCC Title 12.