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AGRICULTURAL LEASE AMENDMENT <br />Whereas, on or about September 27th, 2018, then land owners Duke and Dude LLC and Hayden <br />Unified Credit Trust entered into an "Agricultural Lease" (hereinafter `lease') with tenant Rafter <br />B Inc. (hereinafter `tenant'); and <br />Whereas, a true and correct copy of said lease is attached hereto as Exhibit "A" and <br />incorporated herein by this reference; and <br />Whereas, the subject property of that lease was subsequently purchased by Kittitas County to be <br />held in ownership by Kittitas County Solid Waste (hereinafter `County'); and <br />Whereas, tenant and County, for good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is <br />acknowledged by both the tenant and the County, desire to amend said lease. <br />Now, Therefore, the tenant and County agree to amend said lease as follows: <br />Where referenced in the lease Landlord will now reference Kittitas County Solid Waste. <br />2. Terms of Lease: will change to read as follows: <br />The term of this Lease commenced in 2016 and shall expire on December 31 st, 2020; <br />provided, however, Tenant or Landlord may, upon 180 days' notice terminate the <br />Lease. <br />4.2 Water: will add the following to the end of the paragraph: <br />The Tenant is to maintain records showing number of days that irrigation water was <br />used per year from ditch and the meter reading at beginning and end of season, along <br />with the number of cattle grazed on the property and how long. Records must be <br />provided to the Landlord on or before February 1, of the following year. <br />5. Fences: will change to read as follows: <br />Tenant shall maintain all fences presently situated on the Leased Property in good <br />order and condition throughout the term of this Lease and return the same to Landlord <br />at the termination of this Lease in as good a condition as the same were on the date of <br />commencement of this Lease, reasonable wear and tear, use and acts of God excepted. <br />The Landlord may with the agreement of the tenant install additional fencing at the <br />landlord's expense. <br />