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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE: March 5, 2019 <br />ACTION REQUESTED: Request to Set a Public Hearing on March 19, 2019 <br />at 2:00 pm to Consider the Placement of a Four (4) <br />Way Stop at the Intersection of Umptanum Road, <br />Manastash Road and Riverbottom Road and <br />Amend Kittitas County Code Section 10.12.010 Stop <br />and Yield Streets. <br />BACKGROUND: Kittitas County Department of Public received a <br />request from Rob and Louise Acheson to consider <br />the placement of a four (4) way stop at the <br />intersection of Umptanum Road, Manastash Road <br />and Riverbottom Road. Public Works is requesting <br />to set a Public Hearing to consider this request. <br />INTERACTION: <br />Public Works <br />RECOMMENDATION: Set a Public Hearing for March 19, 2019 at 2:00 pm <br />to consider a Four (4) Way Stop at the Intersection <br />of Umptanum Road, Manastash Road and <br />Riverbottom Road and Amend Kittitas County <br />Code Section 10.12.010 Stop and Yield Streets. <br />HANDLING: Return one Notice of Public Hearing to Public <br />Works <br />ATTACHMENTS: Notice of Public Hearing <br />LEAD STAFF: Mark Cook, Director <br />