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E911 County Basic Service Operations Contract SFY 2018 <br />A MENDMENT <br />1. CONTRACTOR NAME/ADDRESS:2. CONTRACT NUMBER:3. AMENDMENT NUMBER:Kittitas County Agency (COUNTY) <br />E18-024 A700 Elmview Road <br />Ellensbur , Washin ton 98926 <br />4. CONTRACTOR CONTACT, PNONE/EMAIL:5. MD STAFF CONTACT, PHONE/EMAIL:Darlene Mainwaring / 509.925.8530 Teresa CLewis / 253.512.7481mainwarin kittcom.or teresa.lewis mil.wa. ov6. TIN or SSN:7. CATALOG OF FEDERAL 8. FUNDING SOURCE NAME/AGREEMENT#: <br />N ONE DOMESTIC ASST. (CFDA) #: NONE RCW 38.52.510, .540, .545 8~ WAC Cha ter 118-669. FUNDING AUTHORITY: <br />Washin ton State Militar De artment DEPARTMENT and State Enhanced 911 Fu nds10. DESCRIPTION/JUSTIFICATION OF AMENDMENT, MODIFICATION, OR CHANGE ORDER: <br />This amendment adjusts the funds in the Budget Sheet (Attachment E) based on updated expendituresand ro'ected revenues, also to include contract ~od~f~cat~o~. <br />1 1. AMENDMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: — -- <br />1. Contract expiration date of August 15, 2018 remains unchanged. <br />2. Contract performance period of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 remains unchanged.3. Change the overall contract amount from $263,594 to $243,924; a decrease of $19,6704. Change the FY18 CPD funding amount from $41,140 to $21,470; a decrease of $19,6705. FY18 Basic Service Operating funding amount remains unchanged. <br />6. Replace the original Budget Sheet (Attachment E) with the revised Budget Sheet (Attachment E) attached.7. Attachment A, Special Terms and Conditions, section VII., item G. Attendance Obligations, under AdvisoryCommittee Meetings delete six (6); and under Coordinator Forums: delete `and to fhe June Summer Trainingforum/conference of each year,'; add the word `and' between `Fall Forum and fhe'8. Delete in Attachment B, The General Terms &Conditions, item 14) INDEMNIFICATION:9. Attachment C, Statement of Work, replace under section S5 MSAG/Mapping/GIS Coordinators, item 3, with`During this contract period, each county will participate in any training and G/S dataset tests or QA/QC checksrecommended by fhe E99 7 Advisory Committee and approved and/or required by the SECO.' and item 5, with`During this contract period, each county wr/l demonstrate progress Towards the anticipated December 37,2098 deliverable to `deliver fo the SECO (or designafed vendor) GIS datasets that includes the following datalayers (Road Cenferline, PSAP Polygon, Law Enforcement Emergency Service Zone (ESZ), Fire ESZ, andEMS ESZ) as required in the Washington NG99 7 GIS Data Standards, with no critical error fallout (gaps andoverlaps, range overlaps ~n the road centerline), and which have been synchronized to the ALI, at a 98%match rate. Though not required, at this time the Site Structure Address Points (SSAP) layer is highlyrecommended. If SSAP layer is submitted it must not contain any duplicate address points.' and changeunder section S4 County Coordinator Salary, item 3, required attendance from three to two forums perfiscal/contract ear. <br />This Amendment is incorporated in and made a part of the contract. Except as amended herein, all other termsand conditions of the contract remain in full force and effect. Any reference in the original contract or anAmendment to the "contract" shall mean "contract as amended". The Department and Contractor acknowledgeand accept the terms of this Amendment as identified above, effective on the final date of execution below. Bysi nin this Amendment, the si natories warrant the have the authorit to execute this Amendment.I N WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this amendment as of the date and year last written below: <br />FOR THE DEPARTMENT:FOR - NTRACTOR: <br />Sig a e Date Si~attt~e i DateRegan Anne Hesse, Chief Financial Officer <br />Washington State Military DEPARTMENT Laura Osiadacz, Chaiman <br />BOILERPLATE APPROVED AS TO FORM:Board of County Commissioners <br />Brian Buchholz (signature on file) 6/13/2012 <br />Assistant Attorney General <br />form uate: ~u~lnuu