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(3-"7 <br />O CERTIVE <br />SOFTWARE as a SERVICE (SaaS) AGREEMENT <br />VMSG Dashboard Performance Management System <br />The purpose of this Agreement (hereafter referred to as the "Agreement") is to set forth to define an <br />arrangement under which Certive will provide Software as a Service ("SaaS") for the benefit of the <br />Customer. <br />The standard Sa as Agreement with Certive is provided below. By purchasing and/or using our SaaS <br />you are explicitly agreeing to all of the following terms and conditions: <br />DEFINITIONS. <br />"Software" shall mean the Software or Program(s) provided by Certive to Customer under this <br />Agreement. <br />"Hosting Services" shall mean the services provided by Certive to Customer under this Agreement. <br />"Support Services" shall mean customer service and technical support provided to SaaS users as <br />detailed under the Specifications. <br />"SaaS" shall mean the combination of internet-based (cloud) Software, Hosting Services, and <br />Support Services provided by Certive to Customer. <br />"Source Code" shall mean the readable forms together with make and build files. <br />"Delivery" shall mean the SaaS transmitted by CertiVe to Customer electronically a~ In accordance <br />with security measures agreed upon by both parties as deSCribed In the this Agree ent. <br />"Certive Materials" shall mean any software, code, audio files, video files, data. gra~ ics or other <br />materials or resources transmitted to Customer in prderto provide any of the services under this <br />Agreement. <br />Subject to the following terms and conditions of this Agreement, Certive will provide SaaS for <br />Customer: <br />1. SMS SPECIFICATIONS <br />Certive agrees to provide Customer with SaaS according to the following Specifications (the <br />"Specifications"): <br />Certive provides SaaS in the form of cloud-based Software, Hosting Services, and Support Services. <br />Software <br />The VMSG Dashboard Performance Management System enables clients to manage the <br />performance of their organization through the development, implementation and management of <br />their strategic and operational plans. <br />Hosting Services <br />Fees for Hosting Services and Support Services are included in the SaaS licenSing fees. <br />Certive Solutions Inc. 1480.922.53271 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road 1 Suite 210 1 Scottsdale AZ 185258