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E911 County Basic Service Operating Contract SFY 2018 <br />CONTRACT FACE SHEET <br />1. Contractor Name and Address : 2. Contract Amount: 3. Contract Number <br />Kittitas County Agency (COUNTY) <br />700 Elmview Road <br />Ellensburg, Washington 98926 <br />4. Contractor's Contact Person, phone number: <br />Darlene Mainwaring 1 509.925.8530 <br /> <br />7 . MD Program Manager/phone number: <br />Teresa Lewis 1253.512.7481 <br /> <br />10. Funding Authority: <br />$ 263,594 <br />5. Contract Start Date <br />July 1, 2017 <br />8 . Data Universal Numbering System <br />(DUNS #): <br />010202547 <br />E18-024 <br />6. Contract End Date <br />August 15, 2018 <br />9. UBI # (state revenue): <br />192-002-673 <br />Washington State Military Department and State Enhanced 911 Funds <br />11 . Funding Source Agreement #: 12. Program IndeX# & Obj/SubObj: 13. CFDA # & Title: 14. TIN or SSN : <br />RCW 38.52.510, .540, .545 7928A and 79283 NZ NA NA <br />WAC Chapter 118-66 <br />15. Service Districts: 16. Service Area by County(ies): 17. Women/Minority-Owned, State Certified? <br />(BY LEGISLATIVE DIST): 13 th Kittitas <br />(BY CONGRESSIONAL DIST): .~ B t-h <br />18. Contract Classification: o Personal Services 0 Client Services ~ Public/Local Gov't o Collaborative Research 0 NE 0 Other <br />20. Contractor Selection Process : <br />~ "To all who apply & qualify" 0 Competitive Bidding o Sole Source 0 NE RCW 0 N/A Ei Advertised? 0 YES ~ NO <br />22. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: <br />~ N/A 0 NOD YES, OMWBE # <br />19. Contract Type (check all that apply): <br />~ Contract 0 Grant 0 Agreement o Intergovernmental (RCW 39.34) 0 Interagency <br />21. Contractor Type (check all that apply): o Private Organization/Individual 0 For-Profit <br />~ Public Organization/Jurisdiction ~ Non-Profit o VENDOR D SUBRECIPIENT ~ OTHER <br />This is a reimbursement contract per WAC 118-66-050(3) and the State E911 Coordination Office(SECO) policies, <br />that are incorporated herein by reference in the amounts described in the Budget Sheet (Attachment E) and the <br />provisions of statewide services. Reimbursement is limited to the maximum contract amount for travel, goods, <br />services and other listed budget categories on an actual cost basis for certain approved incurred Coordinator <br />Professional Development and Basic Service Operating expenses. <br />IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Contract on the day and year last specified below. This <br />Contract Face Sheet, Special Terms and Conditions (Attachment A), General Terms & Conditions (Attachment B), Statement <br />of Work (Attachment C), SECO Contract Reimbursement Schedule (Attachment D), Budget Sheet (Attachment E), and <br />EqUipment Maintenance Certification Log (Attachment F) govern the rights and obligations of the parties to this Contract. <br />In the event of an inconsistency in this contract, unless otherwise provided herein, the inconsistency shall be resolved by <br />giving precedence in the following order: <br />(a) Applicable State Statutes and Regulations <br />(b) Statement of Work <br />(e) Special Terms and Conditions <br />(d) General Terms and Conditions, and <br />(e) any other provisions of the contract incorporated by reference. <br />This contract contains all the terms and conditions agreed upon by the parties. No other understandings, oral or otherwise, <br />regarding the subject matter of this contract shall be deemed to exist or to bind any of the parties hereto. <br />WHEREAS, the parties hereto have executed this contract on the da~pecified below. /:THE DEPARTME NT: (F~ RACTOR: ~~A,-~;6'v lo /~1Jl1 <br />Sig u re ' D~te r Signatu;:;-Date <br />Dan Swisher, Chief Financial Officer Paul Jewell, Chairman <br />Washington State Military DEPARTMENT Kittitas County Board of Commissioners <br />BOILERPLATE APPROVED AS TO FORM <br />(Approval on file 9/12/2017) <br />Dawn C. Cortez, Assistant Attorney General <br />E911 County BSO Contract Page 1 of18 Kittitas County, E18-024