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COUNTY RESOLUTION NO. 2017-jtJcJ- <br />AND <br />CITY RESOLUTION NO. 2017-I g <br />TITLE: A Joint Resolution between Kittitas County (a political subdivision of <br />the State of Washington, hereinafter "County") and the City of Ellensburg (a <br />municipal corporation of the State of Washington, hereinafter "City") amending the <br />compensation section (Section 2) of the interlocal agreement for sharing resources <br />dated February 19,2002 (auditor's file number 200202270012). <br />I-U A 'REEMENT is made and ent T dint th i t Of?(lay of~1Ifo-17 by and between <br />THE CITY OF ELLENSBURG (hereinafter called the "CITY") and KITTITAS <br />COlJNTY, (hereinafter called the "COUNTY"). <br />WHEREAS, the CITY and COUNTY entered into an AGREEMENT on March 2, <br />2002 for the purposes of sharing resources, (the AGREEMENT); and <br />WHEREAS, the CITY AND COUNTY mutually desire to amend the compensation <br />section of AGREEMENT (Section 2); <br />NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the above representations and the terms, <br />conditions, covenants, and agreements set forth below, the parties hereto agree as follows: <br />Section 2. ompensation and Method o.LPayment. Sections A and B shall be deleted and <br />replaced with the following: <br />The party requesting services agrees to reimburse the performing party for the costs <br />of the service, based upon the actual cost of labor, equipment rental, engineering, <br />materials and supplies used in the particular work involved, plus all costs for fringe <br />benefits to labor, including but not limited to: social security, retirement, industrial <br />and medical aid costs, pro-rated sick leave, holidays, vacation time, and group <br />medical insurance. <br />In addition thereto, fifteen percent (15%) of the total costs defined above shall be <br />added for overhead costs for accounting, billing and administrative services. Fifteen <br />percent will not be applied for material or contracting/consulting costs. <br />Except as modified herein, the original AGREEMENT shall remain in effect. <br />Page 1 of2