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DEPARTM ENT OF <br />ECOLOGY <br />State of Washington <br />AMENDMENT NO.1 <br />TO <br />CONTRACT NO. C1600148 <br />BETWEEN THE <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY <br />AND <br />KIITITAS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br />Ilt..r:-. <br />...... , ; •• , I ... <br />PURPOSE: To amend the Agreement between the state of Washington, Department of Ecology, hereinafter referred <br />to as "ECOLOGY," and Kittitas County Public Health Department, hereinafter referred to as <br />"KCPHD" or "CONTRACTOR." <br />WHEREAS, it is mutually agreed that Kep HD's request for flexibility within the budget, with Ecology's prior written <br />approval, is beneficial and should therefore be permitted. <br />IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED the Agreement is amended as follows: <br />1) BUDGET <br />The budget has been amended TO ALLOW FOR A SHIFT OF UP TO $8,000 BETWEEN Payroll items and non- <br />payroll items, subject to Ecology's written approval, see Project Budget Table: