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THE LEGACY AT SUNCADIA <br />SUNCADIA -PHASE 1 DIVISION 6 <br />AUDITOR'S REFERENCE <br />A PORTION OF SECTIONS 19 AND 20. TOWNSHIP 20 NORTH. RANGE 15 EAST. W.M. <br />KITTITAS COUNTY. WASHINGTON <br />ASSESSOR PARCEL NUMBER 219,]0 <br />DEDICATION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS <br />;.-~ I>t1.. I.IE" ~( ~[Sf "H~","'lS ~:' rt-1( l; .. or~S;( .[[0, ... ~ Stl'!CJo"'1, LlC />. iJfL"-,,'PI: <br />'j.,nl[J :;~1IIIlY ,:r'\lltl.Y (:~rlt "':J~~'''''I' U,\',flt 1'<1 ffl '.U~~c( (ll" Ttlf u(!"';"I!D kfA <br />"'lJ{1pt~r(a r~['i tI(F«OY o.:n"~:; tHIS j.J'I\~ '''on. ... ' [lJ ,)~ OU¥' ..... '·r:'ll or -N)AD:i. ",,-,r~ 'I~HE{l{ <br />"ulKVl -U IISl.f 10 HOLO Su~((,r 10 ~..,O 'OCll'" ~ '/11"11 'I"l C:'J~":. 11..'10 ....... ' "OilS <br />·'fR(''I.,nlk OrS~~.Hff) .I.t;n ~II r('I:' .• Fe/? ll( !lfWrlff or 11;,lIr 'fI.," AU 'l",l • .:!,;' ('>1 lOf~, ,t.J,O <br />,RAtIS Iii il-l,'" hAT ... "'U ALL foftl:,.(HI ~O f.II\1R[ Pi..,4I'j ... H"IE SU"CAVIIt. ~n.,q FIJ\'1t .. a, <br />~ESOif; (11'1' 1'[~(1fI1 i ,/I~> 01 'Sr~'HW 'I i'II C't\T 01"1.11." A(\H[f Mf Ni (Hi RE!W.III:I~ UIJ h~!)l • .:..t l <br />'-'O.lOS :;1-10'/10'1 til ~lOIi \01 ...... 1-< Sl-l~( I rtr p .. ,..,rr I(I(.l:hl[1;" yo Tt4 fK( RIGH: .(' f..)NV"-.... 5./"t i'oJA!)S <br />;0 1111 ~vNi..4ilLA. W;"OtNT' .... ~ UNt«If'i A,,';~\X., ... ttoJN O~ hl[ ~U~IU\()' t;liJ,I1,!UtM1 tOuN,A ~ IHl:I~ <br />QfSPft:l;yf S'I~~"":;SOQ'S C'R "o;"IC'l<:; r(l~ fl.Jr 3A\jF ('IR ~'''''I4R Pl'RP('ISf<; <br />i(1llOWING 'Ht "lIT,,,. !"jJN'iTR'.lClI"JN Q~' <iUr.,; ROA03 BY Hif IJN(,f~"i~O';[fl >\N[l II'1E'~ r;Nh'!.YANrr <br />TO :'>UCH ASSOClAno~ OR COIJ'lC~L, ALL ;IIRTHEP COST'S foND O)BI'GfIT'(lrIS rOR CO"'<;TRUCr.ON, <br />'~AlN1HlA""'1 R[('.I)/<4"iTf/lIClu)t1 ~nT'I IJI/>SVR(S SNr,''N ~fUO'/AI "~In nfHq~W\SI: Of ~I RQA.Il'· <br />'l'tITtW'-I THIS ':L"'~ S~';\lL f~rll ','10 T"'r:)~M"TER [JE THe ODuc ... nON i). SUCH .l.SSO("I,IT'ON l1R <br />Cu"he,l <br />" (H( ~ .. 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OhA\\'A IIAUIIj!Y <br />I ·,[ro:~'ll a.Rl'n HlAI THIS 1>1111 0> '::>\JNI"41~'" r'KAS~ I !),Yb:~~1 "" IS Il.-s~(o UPON -.N .',W,.I. <br />SlJR\I['Y ANr 'iI.}Bo."'SI(J~1 i,,.. s£cno"lS Hi M,.O 10 10\\'N~'1:f' 2(' N()RTI1""'lC.l 15 -A5':, W u: f,14T <br />TIlt Q:!;.'ANC(S Mj[) ('OU~t.s. AN[' A),bU S Alit: ~;>10Wt, "'(Rf.C~' l;ORRECH .(; ,tMI TH( '.4[INl'MfNT:. <br />w,lll1[ 'TI.I(f(J {;O~"{"'':II'1' 0 .. ;M[ (:R()I,III; .v; r:'JN',JI<uLH,)1'I ,'> COIAf'IDID ,u.;[) '!IA,I 111'.( <br />:-tu' -':QI,IFl!m M1Jol TH€ PfOO\I:!.IOt.$ c,r ,-.( P~II,rt1'lG ~(C"'L"'llj~~ <br />." <br />APPROVALS <br />CERTlFICATE Of COUNTY PlANNING OFACIAL <br />; H(F4HJ'I' I.:nn:fY 1~"1 THf. ftAT or "Sut.CAlli.4 • 1'~( 1 (JfI{JSIOO e' >illS f'[[N <br />~AA!JlNrn 11'( Mf #,0 I' !'liD IIU.' ,I Clm'(lIlU': 14) IIIl .:OI4PHIH'N":\" "lJl.., OJ <br />IIInITA'> COuNTY <br />CERnFICATE Of COUNlY HEAlnt SANITARIAN <br />"iLt-lIf' ('EH It( ;HA' -Ht.. I'\.JII (It ":>:J"'I..I,[I44 Pt"t4.'>t, I l"""~")~ ",' .d:" tlllN <br />, '",I} ~n' 11'( 1,1' H<I) ! , .. 0 hV\l 'uf "f·J\1M. I'm '#I~1f" "'''''01[1" "~JII 'N 'iH~~N I~ ! '; <br />\lffl ltl!l f\wr, ... ' MTt; AIL AfOuR[\,I[~TS C'f tHE: COUWV ~£.A.fl1 \)[PI,RIUHH :g. <br />CERTIFICATE OF COUNTY ASSESSOR <br />601lR0 U" CQU/i1Y CO~J..IISS'."+iEItS <br />,,(ITTI"'> COUWY lII"SH'''';,::T(',N <br />RECORDING CERTIFICATE <br />,'u 11)11 <br />nlro lOR R(C()~J) loT "HI ftrous-,;< ~IfIllA'i t;I)U~fY eoARl) OJ' ":CIAI,SSIQ'II:RS, <br />TH,S JI<'( .• -:.... .r, 2(11: .\1 """,UT(S FA"l <br />·:;'t:lt,'C,< ..... NofL' -'HI) .<f[C('HClD "I VOluwt. or I"LAI!., ON <br />"'",;f$ .lii(.r)At}') r,;' II,I!1HA" COuNl'l' 'W1I. ... tlIIWIQH <br />SUBDIVISION <br />LOCATOR <br />IU' ... NSI-l:P :ill IKJf(HI <br />F{.joN(;[ I'> FASr, WM <br />RECORDING CERTIFICATE <br />f'l~D ~OR Rr.O:::»RC 11,1 l\04( fo'[rJJ[Sr O~ !(rITnf\S C011~lIY UOAAu (1) 1~(1~U ~_ ~~r.R:; <br />rH;r, __ . __ I1A(.)r _._. __ •• _. AD, 20:7. AT ~ I.I,NvT[.> plI"r <br />• ,~CIIJ:P( ~,"'D :-:tlC~Oin:tj VfXI.}Mt ____ t'l-r'1..l.l~ 4'~, <br />fW:('S. ______ ~, Fi[CO"D~ ,J' ~mI!AS COuNTY, NA!OHIW,TQtJ <br />www .es m civil .co m <br />C:"il E"'g·,.".r:"'q <br />Pul,I., .,.o,~" <br />Df1AWN l~r' r; U <br />Land S" ..... <!~i"9 <br />1>'''JQ,·ttJo''<Jqu'''''''\ <br />rtD[1VoI. '"'" (2~ll 1I~-611l c.,."fTl (j.i ·.)19?-~ <br />lend "le~''';''9 <br />Lt;ond5':"~~ A'ch'\(I ... t".o/