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BOARD OF COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONERS COUNTY OF <br />KITTITAS <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVAL <br />HIGHWAY 9 LONG PLAT <br />LP-17-00005 <br />RESOLUTION <br />NO. 2017 - / 0 3- <br />WHEREAS, according to the seventh version of the development agreement entered into by Kittitas <br />County and Suncadia LLC, Kittitas County Code Title 16 relating to the Subdivision of Land, and <br />RCW 58.17 , an open record hearing was held by the Kittitas County Board of County <br />Commissioners on June 6 th , 2017 for the purpose of considering a preliminary plat known as Highway <br />9 Preliminary Plat and described as follows: <br />Steven Lathrop, authorized agent fo r property owner New Suncadia, LLC, has <br />submitted a Preliminary Plat application to subdivide a portion of a 1.36 acre <br />parcel into 14 single-family residential lots. The project is proposed on a site zoned <br />a Master Planned Resort (Suncadia). <br />WHEREAS, public testimony was heard from those persons present; and , <br />WHEREAS, due notice of the hearing had been given as required by law, and the necessary inquiry <br />has been made into the public interest to be served by such platting; and, <br />WHEREAS, an ope n rCGord publ i hear ing was he ld by the B'oard f Cou nty Commissioners on June <br />6 t <br />\ 2017 and a vote wa s h ld w bi ch app rov ed the plan unanim o usl y; and <br />WHEREAS, the Kittitas County Board of Commissioners make the following FINDINGS OF <br />FACT and CONCLUSIONS OF LAW concerning said proposed preliminary plat: <br />Findings of Fact <br />1. Jeff Hansell , agent for property owner Highway 9 Office Park Center, LLC, has submitted a <br />Preliminary Plat application to subdivide approximately 1.36 acres into 14 duplex town homes in <br />7 buildings. <br />2. Site Information: <br />Total Project Size: 1.36 acres <br />Number of Lots: 14 <br />Domestic Water: Community Water System