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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />RESOLUTION NO. dO 17 -J tJ tJ <br />IN THE ltUTTER OF SETTING DATES <br />FOR THE 2018 BUDGET HEARINGS IN KITTITAS COUNTY <br />WHEREAS, R.C.W. 36.40.010; R.C.W. 36.40.030; R.C.W. 36.40.040; R.C.W. 36.40.050; <br />R.C.W. 36.40.060; R.C.W. 36.40.070 and R.C.W. 36.40.071 provides for establishing dates for the <br />budget process and hearings; and, <br />WHEREAS, the Kittitas County Commissioners on June 20t \ 2017, elected to establish a <br />budget hearing for December 4th, 2017 at 2:00 pm. <br />NOW, THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the following alternate dates are <br />established: <br />1. Not later than July 19st, 2017, the County Auditor shall notify each county official in <br />writing requesting a detailed and itemized estimate both ofthe probable revenues from sources other <br />than taxation, and of all expenditures required by such office for the ensuing year. The budget forms <br />to be completed will be supplied at this time and are to be used exclusively; <br />2. Each departl:\1 ent shall su b mit an estimated budget to the Auditor no later than August <br />25th <br />, 2017. The Kittitas County Even t Center shall submit an estimated budget to the Auditor no <br />later than September 12th <br />, 2017. There upon the County Auditor shall prepare the county budget, <br />which sets forth the complete financial program ofthe county for the ensuing calendar year showing <br />the expected program of revenue by which it is to be financed; <br />Each such official shall file their estimates within the time and in the manner provided in the <br />notice and form and the auditor may deduct and withhold as a penalty lI·om (he sa lary of each <br />offi cial faiUn gor refu s in g to fil e suc h estim ates as he re in p rov ided, the s um offifty doll ar s for each <br />day of del ay: P rovided t ha t the total pena lt y aga in st an yone officia l s hall not exceed two h u ndred <br />fi fty ,d o li ars in an y one year. <br />3. The preliminary budget pre pared by the Aud ito r hall be s ubmitted to the B oard on o r <br />before September 29t h, 2017. The Board haJJ then rev iew the p reliminary bu dget in detail wi th the <br />County Auditor and/or Budget & Finance Manager and shall make any revisions and additions it <br />deems advisable;