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BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />COUNTY OF KITTITAS <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />RESOLUTION <br />NO. 2010-15 <br />A RESOLUTION TO ADOPT THE DISTRIBUTION OF THE 2010 <br />HOTEL/MOTEL TAX <br />WHEREAS: the Board of Commissioners solicited applications for the distribution of <br />the 2010 HoteliMotel tax funds; and <br />WHEREAS: the Board of Commissioners met in a special meeting with the applicants <br />on February 10,2010. <br />WHEREAS: the Board of Commissioners had $ 150,000.00 available in the <br />HoteliMotel2010 Tax Fund with $325,552.49 in total application <br />requests; and <br />NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Kittitas County Board of <br />Commissioners hereby award the HoteliMotel 2010 Tax distribution as follows: <br />Cle Elum Chamber of Commerce $ 23,300.00 <br />Ellensburg Chamber of Commerce $ 60,000.00 <br />Roslyn Revitalization $ 25,000.00 <br />Chimposium (CWU) $ 2,500.00 <br />Jazz in the Valley $ 3,500.00 <br />City of Cle Elum $ 5,000.00 <br />Roslyn Market $ <br />Western Art Association $ 2,500.00 <br />Clymer Museum of Art $ 3,000.00 <br />Daniel Beard Rodeos· Bares $ Broncs $ <br />Cascade Rail Foundation $ 4,050.00 <br />Kittitas County Historical Society $ 2,500.00 <br />Daniel Beard Rodeos· Cle Elum Rendev. $ <br />Kittitas Valley Early Iron Club $ 1,500.00 <br />Kittitas County Fair $ 4,600.00 <br />Hospice $ 2,000.00 <br />CWU Foundation $ 1,000.00 <br />Spirit of the West $ 4,000.00 <br />Kittitas County Farmer's Market $ <br />Children's Activity Museum $ 2,000.00 <br />Northern Kittitas County Historical Society $