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RESOLUTION NO. kQf(p C~D <br />BEFORE THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF KITTITAS COUNTY, STATE OF WASHINGTON, in the matter <br />of initiating a county road project designated as: <br />CRP NO: 269-16 JOB NO: 1568-K2 <br />IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that the Silica Road Bridge be improved as follows : <br />Procure and install a new bridge over the KRD canal on Silica Road MP <br />0.68 County Road Log Number 66449. ARTERIAL o <br />ACCESS I8J <br />This project is hereby declared to be a public necessity and the County Engineer is hereby ordered and authorized to report <br />and proceed thereon as by law provided . (RCW 36 .75 .050,36.80.030,36.80.070). <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED that an appropriation from the officially adopted road fund budget and based on the Director of <br />Public Works' estimate, is hereby made in the amounts and for the purposes shown : <br />I P URPOSE AMOUNT • TOTALS <br />PRELMINARY ENGINEERING $ <br />CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING $ 5,000 <br />RIGHT-Of-WAY ACQUISITION $ <br />SUB-TOTAL $ 5,000 <br />COUNTY FORCES CONSTRUCTION $ 40,000 <br />CONTRACT CONSTRUCTION $ 45,000 <br />SUB-TOTAL $ 85,000 <br />TOTAL PROJECT COST $ 90 ,000 <br />GRANT OR OTHER fUNDS $ <br />Grant Source: WSDOT <br />TOTAL COUNTY ROAD FUND ALLOCATION $ 90 ,000 <br />o THIS PROJECT IS INCLUDED IN THE OFFICIALLY ADOPTED ANNUAL ROAD PROGRAM AS <br />ITEM NO. 04 <br />- <br />~ THIS PROJECT IS HEREBY MADE A PART OF THE OFFICIALLY ADOPTED ANNUAL ROAD PROGRAM IN <br />ACCORDANCE WITH RCW 36.81.130 <br />IT IS FURTHER RESOLVED THAT: <br />\,,\\11\1111" 1111111 11 <br />THE CONSTRUCTION IS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY CONTRACT 1~~~~~,5:WJ.J H RCW 36.77.020 ET.SEQ. <br />THE CONSTRUCTION IS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED BY COUNTY F~htfS.11\l ACCbR~~E WITH RCW 36 .77 .065 AND <br />~.9 •• ~~ <br />WAC 136-18 . ff X ./s~-:::-.... ~-;.;;-~. <br />ADOPTED this 19th day of July 2016. i ~ \ -........:: (~tt ~ } ~1~ '- <br />:::~~ ~f~1 % is> ~'" C of !J'i~B~rd <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ~,,-O •.... ._ •... .0" _ <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON ,/?/,;--l1try';;;'A"S" ~0 ,-,; <br />( ~.~ ~ ~ ABSENT '1/1/""1111\1 1\ <br />~ air Vice-Chair -::--.....>,,;:=-± ___ -=L--___ _