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Pu&11c Sat.1y ., <br />TeSting <br />SUBSCRIBER AGREEMENT <br />WHEREAS, Public Safety Testing, Inc. is a skilled provider of testing services to <br />police, fire, and other public safety agencies, and <br />WHEREAS" the subscriber public agency, either directly or through a civil service <br />commission, tests, evaluates, ranks and hires law enforcement and/or firefighters and/or <br />other public safety positions in the performance of its public safety functions, and <br />WHEREAS, the subscribing public entity desires to join in a Subscriber <br />Agreement, NOW, THEREFORE, <br />Public Safety Testing, Inc. (the "Contractor") and Kittitas County, a municipal <br />corporation of the state of Washington (hereinafter "Subscriber") do enter into this <br />Subscriber Agreement under the terms and conditions set forth herein. <br />1. Description of Basic Services. This Agreement begins January 1, 2010. The <br />Contractor will provide the following services to the Subscriber: <br />1 .1 Advertising and recruiting assistance, application processing, and <br />administration of written examinations and/or physical ability tests for (check all <br />that apply): <br />[8J Entry-level Deputy Sheriff <br />[8J Lateral/Experienced Deputy Sheriff <br />[8J Corrections Officer <br />[8J Lateral/Experienced Corrections Officer <br />1.2 Report to the Subscriber the scores of applicants, with all information <br />necessary for the Subscriber to place passing applicants upon its eligibility list, <br />and rank them relative to other candidates on appropriately constituted <br />continuous testing eligibility lists. Contractor will report "raw" test scores to the <br />Subscriber -no preference points will be factored into applicant scores and it is <br />the Subscriber's responsibility to factor veteran's preference points in <br />accordance with applicable federal and state laws. <br />1.3 Written examination scores will be reported to the Subscriber as a percentage <br />score (based on 100%) and physical ability test scores will be reported as <br />"Pass" or "Fail".