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Grant No. G] 000426 <br />Kittitas County Public Health <br />COORDINATED PREVENTION GRANT AGREEMENT <br />BETWEEN THE <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY <br />AND <br />KITTITAS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH <br />Grant No. GI000426 <br />RECEIVED <br />\ l,i '\ '/'.l,1 i, \l <br />EcOlogy -SWFA <br />This is a binding agreement entered into by and between the state of Washington Department of <br />Ecology, hereinafter referred to as ECOLOGY or DEPARTMENT, and the KITTITAS COUNTY <br />PUBLIC HEALTH, hereinafter refelTed to as the RECIPIENT, to calTY out the activities described <br />herein. <br />JURISDICTION: Kittitas County Public Health Depal1ment <br />MAILING ADDRESS: 507 N Nanum Street, Ste 102 <br />CITY, STATE, ZIP: ElIensburg, WA 98926 <br />RECIPIENT GRANT COORDINATOR: James Rivard <br />TELEPHONE: 509-962-7005 <br />FAX: 509-962-7052 <br />E-MAIL: James.rivard@co.kittitas.wa .us <br />RECllJIENT BILLING/INVOICE COORDINATOR: Amber Simon <br />TELEPHONE: 509-962-7583 <br />FAX: 509-962-7052 <br />E-MAIL: <br />ECOLOGY GRANT OFFICER: Maureen McCOI'mick <br />TELEPHONE: 509-575-2782 <br />FAX: 509-575-2809 <br />E-MAIL: m aurce[l .mcconnick @~cy .wa .gq\. <br />FUNDING SOURCE State Building Construction Account <br />MAXIMUM ELIGIBLE COST $77,535 <br />STATE GRANT SHARE $58,]51 <br />LOCAL SHARE $19,384 <br />STATE MAXIMUM GRANT PERCENT 75 % <br />FEDERAL TAX IDENTIFICATION NO. 91-6001349 <br />EFFECTIVE DATE OF THE AGREEMENT January 1,2010 <br />EXPIRATION DATE OF THE AGREEMENT December 31,2011