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ThyssenKrupp Elevator <br />Americas Business Unit <br />Work Order. <br />Date: <br />Location: <br />Address : <br />City: <br />Contract #: <br />Telephone: <br />Equipment ID: <br />RWOTitle: <br />02102/2010 <br />Kittitas County Courthouse <br />205 W 5th Avenue <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />1021F00304 <br />(509)962-7509 <br />one Western hydro <br />Power Unit Replacement <br />Purchaser: <br />Contact Name: <br />Title: <br />Company: <br />Address: <br />City/STIZIP: <br />Phone: <br />Facsimile : <br />Kittitas County <br />Matthew Anderson <br />Director Faciities Maintenance <br />Kittitas 'County <br />205 W 5th Avenue <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />(509)962-7509 <br />(509)962-7086 <br />Purchaser authorizes ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation to perform the following described work on the following elevator(s) <br />in the above building : <br />Power Un it Rep lacement <br />Provide materi al and labor to rem pv e and repl ace the existing power unil(s) in the above referenced building. The power unit <br />replaceme nt includes the mot or, pump , hydra ulic valve, muffler, oil reservoir tank, hydraulic fluid, isolation assembly and all <br />necessary ha rdware . Existi ng contr oll er an d oil line shall remain and be reused. Price does not include any alterations to the <br />main-line feed. <br />Purchaser agrees to pay the sum of: Seventeen ThQ usand Seven Hund re d Twenty·E oht and 8211 00 (in728.82) Dollars <br />which includes all applicable taxes. Delivery and shipping is included . All work is to be performed du ring regular woTking <br />days and hours , unless otherwise indicated herein . No permits or inspections by othe rs are included in th is work, unless <br />otherwise indicated herein . <br />To indicate acceptance of this work order, please sign and return one (1) original of this agreement to the address shown <br />below. U on recei t of . our wr itten authorization and re ulred materials andlor su li es , we snail im lement the work orde r. <br />Unless otherwise stated, you agree to pay as follows: m upon signed acceptance and ~ upon completion . <br />This Work Order is submitted for acceptance within 30 days from the date executed by ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation. <br />Purchaser's acceptance of this Work Order t ogether with the terms and con dition s print ed on subsequent pages he reof and which are <br />expressly made a part of this pro posal an d agreed to, will constitu t e excl usively and enti rely the agreement for the work herein <br />described . All prior representati ons or agreements regarding this work, whether written or verbal, will be ' deemed to he merged <br />herein , and no other changes in or addition~ to th is agreement will be recognized unless ma de ill writing and properly execute d by <br />bo th parti es. This Wor k Order specifica ll y con templates work outsid~ t~e scope of any mainten an ce co ntract cu rrently in effect <br />betwee]1 the parties; any such contract ~hall be unaffecte d by thisWork Order . <br />No agent or emplnyee shall hav e the author ity to waive or modify any of the terms of this agreement without the written approval of an <br />auth ort(e d ThyssenKru pp El ev-ato r Co rporation manager. <br />TKE • WO 03/09 Page 1 of 3 <br />., , <br />;.' ~'.i"