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REQUEST FOR BUDGET AMENDMENT <br />BUDGET YEAR 2010 <br />Date: JANUARY 14, 2010 <br />Department: SHERIFF OFFICE <br />Date approved : _____ _ <br />(To be completed by Auditor) <br />Amount of Requested Budget Amendment $3,160 <br />Reason for budget amendment: <br />To provide funds to Kittitas Co Emergency Material Emergency Management to revise <br />the Hazardous Materials Response Plan, review and revise the county HIVA, and <br />prepare and conduct a mass-casualty-incident drill with a hazmat component. <br />In-kind match ($790 .00) for grant -Salaries and Benefits for Management and <br />Supervision of Intern <br />Expenditures: Indicate by budget codes in detail the type of expenses that will be <br />associated with this budget amendment request: (salaries , benefits, supplies, capital <br />outlay, etc) <br />Salaries <br />FICA <br />L&I <br />U/E <br />Office Supplies <br />001371251003 <br />001371252001 <br />001371252002 <br />001371252006 <br />001371253101 <br />$2,752.82 <br />$ 210.59 <br />$ 19.52 <br />$ 17.07 <br />$ 160.00 <br />$3 ,160.00 <br />Revenue: Indicate by budget codes in detail the type of revenue that will be funding the <br />above budget amendment request: (grants , fees, etc) <br />WA STATE DEPT MILlT (E10-149) 0013733320703 $3,160 <br />Authorized Signature c;;;: j) <br />Approved by Board of County Commissioners: 7 ,7 ~ Dated~t(..-<V~ 1 11 t)C / ZJ