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SUBRECIPIENT AGREEMENT <br />Between <br />Kittitas County and HopeSource <br />This Agreement is made between Kittitas County (herein called the Local Government) and <br />HopeSource (herein called Subrecipient) for the Public Services to low-and moderate-income persons <br />in Kittitas County project (herein called the Project). <br />Local Government Representative Subrecipient Representative <br />Judy Pless, Budget and Finance Manager Susan Grindle, Chief Executive Officer <br />Phone 509-962-7502 HopeSource <br />Fax 509-962-7687 Phone 509-925-1448 <br />Email Fax 509-925-1204 <br />Email <br />Start Date End Date Federal Funds Amount $79,677 <br />July 1,2016 June 30, 2017 CFDA # 14.228 <br />US Department of Housing & Urban Development <br />Passed through Kittitas County <br />As the Washington State Department of Commerce (COMMERCE) is authorized by the federal <br />Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide funds to units of local government <br />selected to undertake and carry out projects under the Washington State Community Development <br />Block Grant (CDBG) Program in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, <br />regulations and policies; and <br />As the Local Government has applied for and received a CDBG award, contract number 16-62210-008, <br />to fund the Project; and <br />As it benefits the Local Government to engage the Subrecipient to accomplish the Scope of Service and <br />the objectives of the local CDBG project; <br />The parties agree that: <br />1. SCOPE OF SERVICE <br />A. Local Government Responsibilities <br />The Local Government is responsible for administration of the CDBG contract, and ensuring <br />CDBG funds are used in accordance with all program requirements [(24 CFR 570.501(b)] and its <br />CDBG contract with COMMERCE referenced above. The Local Government will provide such <br />assistance and guidance to the Subrecipient as may be required to accomplish the objectives and <br />conditions set forth in this Agreement. <br />Page 1 of lO