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January 7, 2009 <br />KrITITAS COUNTY PROBATION SERVICES <br />Administrator William)J. Holmes <br />JUVENlLE DEPARTMENT <br />205 West Fifth, Room #211, Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />(509) 962-7516 Fax (509) 962-7667 <br />e~nrail: <br />Pam Stoneburg, Director <br />Cascade Recovery Resource Center <br />707 N. Pearl St. Ste. 0 <br />Ellensburg. WA 98926 <br />Letter of Agreement <br />Dear Ms. Stoneburg: <br />This letter is to document our agreements as established regarding participation in <br />the Kittitas County Probation Services -Juvenile Department's CODA program <br />component of our JRA Consolidated Contract for the period of July 1. 2009 to June <br />30, 2011 with and between Cascade Recovery Resource Center. <br />As the contracted outpatient provider of youth services for the Division of Behavioral <br />Health and Recovery (DBHR) in Kittitas County, Cascade Recovery Resource <br />Center will provide the following: <br />1) Chemical Dependency Assessment: the set of activities conducted on behalf of <br />a new client. for the purpose of determining eligibility, evaluation of treatment needs, <br />making necessary referrals and recommendations and completing forms. The <br />assessment shall include all practices listed in applicable sections of WAC 440-22 or <br />its successor. For the purpose of determining eligibility for CODA the set of aqtivities <br />will include: .. <br />• Utilize a DBHR approved assessment process. Currently the DBHR Adolescent <br />B io-psycho social Diagnostic Intake ASAM assessment is preferred. The updated <br />ADAD/K-SADS may also be used. Copies are available upon request. (See <br />enclosed "Attachment A" for additional CDDA Minimum Program Requirements.) <br />Provisions for implementation of the above include: <br />• The Juvenile Probation Counselor will specifically request the referral as a <br />CDDA Assessment and make notation that a CDDA disposition is being <br />considered for each youth referred for the CODA Assessment. <br />• The total number of referrals for assessment will be no more than 5 per year. <br />2) Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment for Title XIx/CODA youth: <br />Treatment services provided will conform to the standards set by the state and will <br />follow the schedule for reimbursement based on the schedule attached .. <br />(See attachment B: CDDA AssessmentlOut-Patient Costs FY10 & FY11)