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INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT IAAl0174 <br />between <br />STATE OF WASHINGTON <br />ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE OF THE COURTS <br />and <br />KITTITAS COUNTY JUVENILE COURT <br />THIS CONTRACT is ent~red into by and between the Administrative Office of the Courts <br />("AOC") and Kittitas County Juvenile Court ("Contractor"). <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this contract is to engage the services of the Contractor to process Becca Bill <br />programs and services within its jurisdiction. <br />DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED <br />The Contractor will handle Truancy, At Risk Youth (ARY) and Child in Need of Services <br />(CHINS) programs within the Contractor's jurisdiction pursuant to Chapter 13.32A, Revised <br />Code of Washington (RCW). <br />The Contractor shall submit biannual Becca Bill summary reports to AOC which shall provide <br />both the number of petitions and the actual cost of processing such petitions, broken down as <br />follows : <br />L CHINS petitions; <br />2. ARYpetitions; and, <br />3 . Truancy petitions . <br />4 . The required format of the report is attached as Exhibit A and is incorporated herein. <br />Biannual reports are due as follows: <br />Period Report Due <br />07/01/09 -12/31/09 01/10/10 <br />01/01/10 -06/30/10 07/10/10 <br />07/01/10 -12/31/10 01/10/11 <br />01/01/11 -06/30/11 07/10/11 <br />PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE <br />The period of performance under this Contract shall be from July 1, 2009 through June 30, <br />2011, except for any remaining obligations of the Contractor as may exist. <br />IAA10174 Page 1