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u.s. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION FEDERAL AVIATION <br />ADMINISTRATION <br />LAND LEASE OFF AIRPORT <br />Lease No: DTFANM-IO - L -00097 <br />KITTITAS, W A 98934 <br />RMLR <br />THIS LEASE is hereby entered into by Kittitas Solid Waste whose address is 20S W Sth <br />Ave., Ste. lOS Ellensburg, W A 98926 hereinafter referred to as the Lessor and the <br />United States of America, herein after referred to as the Government. This lease shall <br />become effective when it is fully executed by all parties. The terms and provisions of this <br />lease, and the conditions herein, bind the Lessor and the Lessor's heirs, executors, <br />administrators, successors, and assigns. <br />WITNESSETH: The parties hereto, for the consideration hereinafter mentioned covenant <br />and agree as follows: <br />1. PREMISES (AUG-02): <br />The Lessor hereby leases to the Government the following described property, hereinafter <br />referred to as the premises: <br />That portion of the SE 1/4, Section 16, Township 17 North, Range 21 East, W.M., <br />included within the limits of the following described tract: Beginning at the point which <br />is N 7°4S'23"W 1342.53 feet from the Southeast comer of said Section 16 and running <br />thence N 0029'W 270.0 feet, thence N 89°31 'E 160.00 feet, to the point of beginning, <br />having an area of 0.99 acres. Site can be found at coordinates Lat 46°57'40"N and Long <br />120°11 '53"W. Including Right of Way over established access road, through section 16. <br />A. Together with a right-of-way for ingress to and egress from the premises for <br />Government employees, their agents and assigns, a right-of-way for establishing and <br />maintaining a pole line or pole lines for extending electric power and/or <br />telecommunication lines to the premises; and a right-of-way for subsurface power, <br />communication and/or water lines to the premises; all rights-of-way to be over said lands <br />and adjoining lands of the Lessor, and unless herein described otherwise, to be by routes <br />reasonably determined to be the most convenient to the Government.