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DEPARTMENT OF <br />ECOLOGY <br />State of Washington <br />IAA No. C1500167 <br />INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT (IAA) <br />BETWEEN <br />THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY <br />AND <br />KITTITAS COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT <br />TIDS INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between the STATE OF <br />WASIDNGTON, DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY, hereinafter referred to as "ECOLOGY," and the KITTITAS <br />COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT hereinafter referred to as the "KCPHD," pursuant to the authority <br />granted by Chapter 39.34 RCW. <br />IT IS THE PURPOSE OF TIDS AGREEMENT to: <br />a) Provide delegation to KCPHD, the authority to administer and enforce the well sealing, tagging, <br />and decommissioning portions of the water well construction regulations in accordance with the <br />provisions of Chapter 173-160 WAC entitled Minimum Standards for Construction and <br />Maintenance of Wells as now or hereafter amended; and <br />b) Provide funds to assist KCPHD in carrying out the activities described in this contract, in <br />accordance with the statutes pertaining to the delegation of authority outlined in RCW 18.104, <br />the Washington Well Construction Act. <br />THEREFORE, IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED THAT: <br />1) STATEMENT OF WORK <br />KCPHD shall furnish the necessary personnel, equipment, material and/or service(s) and otherwise do all things <br />necessary for or incidental to the performance of the work set forth in Appendix A, attached hereto and incorporated <br />herein. <br />2) PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE <br />Subject to its other provisions, the period of performance of this IAA shall commence on July 1,2015, and be <br />completed by June 30, 2020, unless terminated sooner as provided herein. Amendments extending the period of <br />performance, if any, shall be at the sole discretion of ECOLOGY. <br />1