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Memorandum of Understanding <br />This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is hereby made and entered into by and <br />between Kittitas County Head Start/Early Head Start/ECEAP, which may be hereinafter <br />referred to as Head Start, and the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry program at the <br />Kittitas County Public Health Department, hereinafter referred to as ABCD. <br />A. PURPOSE: <br />It is the purpose of Early Head Start to promote healthy prenatal outcomes, enhance the <br />development of infants and toddlers, and promote healthy family functioning. <br />It is the purpose of Head Start and ECEAP to promote school readiness by enhancing the <br />social and cognitive development of economically challenged children and families <br />through the provision of health, education, nutritional, social, and other services that <br />are determined to be necessary, based on family needs assessments. <br />The purpose of ABCD is to focus on preventive and restorative dental care for Medicaid - <br />eligible children from birth to age six, with emphasis on enrollment by age one. It is <br />based upon the premise that starting dental visits early will yield positive behaviors by <br />both parents and children, thereby helping to control the caries process and reduce the <br />need for costly future restorative work. <br />Once enrolled in the program, clients are orientated to the availability of ABCD trained <br />dental providers in the community and are supported in connecting with a dental home <br />and taking advantage of ongoing preventative dental services. <br />B. STATEMENT OF MUTUAL BENEFIT AND INTERESTS: <br />Head Start and ABCD share common goals in working toward connecting children with <br />early oral health preventative care and education. By working together, Head Start and <br />the ABCD program can enhance the quality of the oral health services provided to <br />children and the education provided to families. <br />Head Start families will be provided with support to access insurance and connect with a <br />dental home if one or both is not already established. The ABCD program staff will be <br />available as a resource for families that require additional support or information. <br />In order to support the ongoing success of the ABCD program in Kittitas County, the <br />Head Start program will provide basic information (name, address, phone number, <br />child's date of birth, gender, language, and existing dental care status) for Head <br />Start/Early Head Start/ECEAP enrolled children in order to facilitate the ABCD <br />enrollment process. <br />