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COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />C0144ISSIONERS O`' •# <br />REGULAR MEETING <br />MONDAY 10:20 A.M. FEBRUARY 14, 2011 <br />Board members present: Chairman, Paul Jewell; Vice Chairman Alan <br />Crankovich & Commissioner Obie O'Brien. <br />Others: Mandy Robinson, Deputy Clerk of the Board; Julie Kjorsvik, <br />Clerk of the Board; Kristen Demory, Records Clerk. <br />REGULAR MEETING DEPARTMENT HEAD COMMISSIONERS <br />Commissioner O'Brien moved to approve a request for funding in the <br />amount of $125.00 to come from the Historical Document Fund for the <br />2003 BoCC documents to be microfilmed. Commissioner Crankovich <br />seconded. Motion carried 3-0. <br />,/vIel-w�- 41 p/6 4"42,6 4 <br />Many- Rb inson <br />2/14/2011 MINUTES 1 <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />Pain Jewell, Commissioner <br />