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COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />COMMISSIONERS CONFERENCE ROOM <br />MONDAY 9-00 A.M. FEBRUARY 14, 2011 <br />Board members present: Chairman Paul Jewell; Vice -Chairman Alan <br />Crankovich and Commissioner Obie O'Brien. <br />Others: Mandy Robinson, Deputy Clerk of the Board; Julie Kjorsvik, <br />Clerk of the Board; Catherine Dunn, Deputy Clerk of the Board. <br />REGULAR MEETING OFFICE STAFF MEETING COMMISSIONERS <br />At 9:00 a.m. Chairman Jewell opened the Office Administration <br />meeting. <br />CALENDAR <br />WEEK AT A <br />GLANCE <br />COMMISSIONERS <br />The Board of <br />County Commissioners <br />reviewed their <br />weekly calendar. <br />PAF/VOUCHERS <br />REVIEW OF PAFIS <br />& VOUCHERS <br />COMMISSIONERS <br />The Board of County Commissioners approved and signed County <br />Employee Personnel Action forms and vouchers. <br />The Board of County Commissioners reviewed the weekly Correspondence <br />Log, a listing of all incoming mail and correspondence for the week <br />ending February 11, 2011. <br />UPDATE BOCC/ <br />Each Commissioner was assigned three different Department He -ads to <br />meet with on a weekly basis. This was determined at a Special <br />Meeting with the Board of County Commissioners held on June 18, <br />2009. Each Commissioner reviewed discussions held with their <br />respective departments and exchanged details of those meetings. On <br />January 3, 2011 the Board determined it would be beneficial to <br />alternate Commissioners that will oversee the different Department <br />head's on an annual basis. <br />OTHER BUSINESS - <br />Commissioner O'Brien gave an update on the ongoing discussions with <br />the City of Ellensburg pertaining to Animal Control. <br />Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m. <br />2/14/2011 MINUTES I <br />L,PAI P PtJIF;,U <br />.3 /1 /,1z) I( <br />