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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONER SPECIAL MEETING <br />Human Resource Study Session <br />February 10, 2011 <br />11:00 AM <br />Topic <br />Outcome / Minutes <br />PH Staffing <br />• Session began at 10:00 AM <br />• SANE Nurses <br />• PH Co -Interim Administrator Rivard presented a request to <br />• Health Promotion <br />increase the number of contracted SANE (Sexual Assault <br />Nurse Examiners) Nurses due to the increase in demand <br />and to help share the workload, as these nurses are needed <br />to provide exams and still work their regular nursing shifts. <br />He and HR Director Young indicated the examinations are <br />funded by various sources, and not by Public Health. The <br />main cost to the County would be for a small amount of <br />management staff time to help coordinate the program <br />and ensure the necessary documentation is taken care of. <br />• The Board asked if there were any issues with the Nurse's <br />union through the hospital. James indicated that a <br />memorandum of agreement was pending with KVCH. <br />• The Board then inquired what the liability would be to the <br />County. HR Director Young indicated it would be the same <br />as any other employee because they are PAF'd in as regular <br />employees, covered by L&I, and track their time in <br />NOVAtime. <br />• BOCC approved pursuit of four additional SANE Nurses. <br />• PH Co -Interim Administrator Rivard then reported that <br />their full time Health Educator I had requested to move <br />from a 40-hour/week schedule to 32-hours/week due for <br />personal reasons. HR Director Young added that this <br />reduction would also help the department through the <br />recent funding reductions. <br />• The Board asked if the employee was aware that the <br />position may not be returned to full-time in the future. <br />Both PH and HR representatives indicated that the <br />employee is aware of the funding issues and should be <br />cognizant of that possibility. <br />• The Board approved the reduction in hours, and signed the <br />PAF as presented. <br />Other Discussion <br />• Prosecutor Zempel informed the Board that one of his <br />• Prosecutor Staffing <br />Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys had just given notice, and <br />requested approval to fill the vacancy. He stated this <br />employee handles District Court Criminal cases. <br />• The Board asked Prosecutor Zempel if he needed to fill the <br />position and he replied yes. The Board then asked if any <br />duties could be rearranged between remaining staff, given <br />the potential changes in process for contract review which <br />may help alleviate some work in the Civil division. <br />Prosecutor Zempel stated that even if a reduction in <br />AAPPROVED <br />contract review occurred it would not be equal to a one <br />FTE, and not filling the position would require a reduction <br />1 /toil <br />in services provided by the department. <br />• Chairman Jewell indicated that he was still concerned <br />about the budget, and this may provide a good opportunity <br />to implement attrition rather than fill a position. He added <br />