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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONER REGULAR MEETING <br />•- • <br />January 25, 2011 <br />10:00 AM <br />Topic <br />Outcome / Minutes <br />Staffing Requests <br />• Session began at 10:00 AM. <br />• Noxious Weed <br />• Noxious Weed Coordinator Davis requested approval to <br />post for his seasonal Noxious Weed Inspectors. He said he <br />would like to bring his returning employees back with a <br />$.25/hour increase as he has in the past. BOCC approved. <br />• NW Coordinator Davis also indicated that he will be <br />bringing the Lead Inspector back with an increase that <br />follows County policy, and that one Noxious Weed <br />Inspector will be brought back as a benefited employee for <br />eight months. HR Director Young clarified that since he <br />would be here longer than six months, which is the <br />maximum for a seasonal employee, he will be classified the <br />same as the Lead Inspector as far as benefits. BOCC <br />approved. <br />• Commissioner Crankovich asked if the <br />certification/recertification expenses were paid for by the <br />County or by the employee. NW Coordinator Davis <br />explained that the fees have been covered by the County <br />historically, and the test is taken on County time; however, <br />studying for the exam is done on the employees' own time. <br />Commissioner Crankovich explained that this issue has <br />come up in other departments and policy may be updated <br />to require initial certification at the expense of the <br />employee with recertification covered by the employer. <br />NW Coordinator Davis indicated he had no concern with <br />the potential change in practice. <br />Scholarship Application — Public Health <br />• PH Co -Interim Administrator Navarre presented an <br />application for scholarship funding for her to attend a <br />series of leadership conferences in North Carolina. The <br />scholarship is provided through the Public Health <br />Leadership Institute, and if selected, would require her to <br />attend training in NC several times during the year. She <br />explained that the scholarship would cover the training and <br />major travel, and that she would be willing to pay for <br />incidentals herself (such as taxi fares, etc.). <br />• The Board approved her application which was signed by <br />Chairman Jewell. <br />Org Chart Updates <br />• HR Director Young presented a draft org chart for CDS that <br />• Public Health <br />reflects the staffing plan for 2011, and asked the Board if it <br />• Sheriff <br />accurately depicted their vision for the department. <br />• CDS <br />• The Board initially indicated that the Director position <br />should be removed and a space created for Building <br />Official; however, after discussion it was determined that <br />the hope is to potentially fill the Director position in the <br />future and the Building Official duties will be handled by <br />APPROVED <br />designation/assignment by the BOCC. Therefore, the <br />Director box was left in place marked as "vacant", and a <br />�� <br />note will be added indicating the Building Official <br />designation by BOCC. A final draft will be brought to the <br />