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Ki , ttitas County Solid Waste, Fair & Maintenance Study Se�sion <br />January 13, 2011-10:00 a.m. <br />Follow up on Energy Grant: Reopen and get clear direction. Grant total $135,000. About 1/2 <br />left if the Upper County uses another $33,000. May 31st is the deadline. Can balance be used <br />for Treasurer/Assessors and can the same RFQ be used? <br />Board Direction: Will not be used for lights in SB. <br />Bking: Water Street entrance suggestions. Have City put 2 hour parking limit on Water also, <br />permit parking, ADA parking (take the 7 and reduce to 5), angle parking, leave one spot for law <br />-enforcement. Also look at loading and unloading zone by dumpsters, Jerry Pettit can apply for <br />grant if it's made ADA. <br />Board Direction: Matt to look at plans and costs and get a bell park estimate. Obie to pursue <br />2 hour parking with the City and the loading and unloading zone. <br />Matthew Anderson, Facilities Maintenance Director <br />New Rates: In place, no negative reactions. <br />Food Vendors: Fair Board looking at two vendors, Beefalo Meats and Young Life who may not <br />be invited back. Issues with opening times and percentage amounts. <br />Board Direction: Send letters to address issues but invite back. <br />G�PPROWCD <br />