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G4U <br />Kittitas County <br />Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council <br />and <br />Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Participating Jurisdictions <br />PAYMENT AGREEMENT <br />1. Term. The term of this agreement will be from January 1, 2011 until December 31, <br />2011. <br />2. Compensation. The named Participating Jurisdiction, Kittitas County, shall pay the <br />Kittitas County EMS & Trauma Care Council (Council) a total of $42,878.00or less, <br />depending on actual expenses; to be paid in quarterly payments to the Council of <br />$10,719.50, for their 45.5% of the daily operations of the Kittitas County EMS Division <br />office in accordance with the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement. Actual expenses shall <br />be documented by the Council to the Participating Jurisdiction in the form of a quarterly <br />report to include a quarterly billing statement. Quarterly payments will be made at the <br />beginning of each quarter. Revenue not expended will be credited to the Participating <br />Jurisdiction for the following year or reimbursed at the close of the operating year. <br />Agreed to and dated this 69�" day of , 2011. <br />Kittitas County EMS & Trauma Care Council: <br />Crai McKee, Chair <br />Lee adden, Vice Chair <br />Kjttit s -Co, my <br />Paul Jewell, Commissioner <br />Chairman <br />Approved as to form: <br />Attorney (optional) <br />