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PURCHASERr,I4IHURSIi,� rN'rAGRE,I �Il �'r <br />between <br />TI JE WASHINGTON STATE' <br />ADMINISTRA'i.']V]3 O]TICI:� OF THE COURTS <br />and <br />Ki'1'LITAs CouNTY, CLERK OFTHE SUPFRIOR COURT <br />AOC Information Technology Pritnary Purchase Agreement (ITPPA) Number: IAE105884 <br />Purchase Reimbursement Agreement (PRA) Number: PRA11001 <br />1. Purpose <br />This PRA Number PRA 11001 is executed by the Washington State Administrative Office of the Coasts <br />{AOC) and the Kittitas County, Clerk of the Superior Court (CUSTOMER) pursuant to the terms and <br />conditions of ITPPA Number IAA05884. The parties acknowledge they have read and understand the <br />terms and conditions therein. .All rights and obligations of the parties shall be subject to and governed by <br />the terms of the ITPPA. This RRA sets forth the obligations of the parties with .respect to AOC's <br />reimbursement to the CUSTOMER of funds which have been expended by the CUSTOMER for <br />purchase of 1 Desktop computer and 1 Monitor. <br />2. Term and Termination <br />The term of the PRA, is effective upon the date of execution by both parties through Sunday, October <br />31, 2010. Termination of due PRA requires written notification to the other party. Extensions to the <br />PRA can only be executed by the AOC, with written notification to the other party. <br />3. Responsibilities <br />3.1, The AOC will: <br />3.1.1. Provide specifications for the equipment covered by this agreement, (See Exhibit A), <br />3.1.2. Provide funds to reimburse the CUSTOMER for costs associated with the purchase of 1 <br />Desktop computer and 1 Monitor pursuant to Subsection 3.2 below. The funding provided by <br />AOC shall be at a maximum the amount required for the purchase of the equipment meeting <br />the provided specifications or the actual cost, whichever is lower.. Should the CUSTOMER <br />acquire equipment that exceeds the provided specifications, the CUSTOMER shall be <br />responsible for that portion of the acquisition costs which exceeds the reimbursable atnoun.t as <br />referenced above. <br />3.2. The CUSTOMER will: <br />3.2.1. Purchase equipment that meets the specifications referenced above. Install and maintain the <br />equipment purchased under this PRA, including providing network connectivity to the new <br />equipment as needed. It is possible that a new network line may need to be installed by the <br />CUSTOMER to provide connectivity to the equipment covered by tris PRA. <br />3.22. Be responsible for all costs not reimbursed by the AOC pursuant to Subsection 4 below. <br />3.2.3. Submit invoices to the AOC pursuant to Subsection 5 below. <br />3.2.4. Submit, with the invoice, a completed copy of the exhibit supplying the specifications of the <br />purchased equipment in the last column. <br />4. Reimbursement Amount <br />The AOC will reimburse the CUSTOMER up to $700 for each Desktop computer and 9$200 for each <br />monitor, or the actual cost, whichever is lower. The actual cost shall include any tax and shipping costs <br />incurred by the CUSTOMER. <br />5. Billing/Invoicing <br />Billing/invoicing will be in accordance with procedures outlined in the above --referenced ITPPA <br />(1AAO5884) and additional terms and conditions listed below. <br />G. Treatment of Assets and Property <br />CUSTOMER shall be -the owner of any and all fixed assets or personal property jointly or cooperatively, <br />acquired, owned, or disposed of pursuant to this PRA. <br />IAA05884 - PRA11001 Page 'I of 2 <br />