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c�s��,nrs .ro��irc <br />4� 9 <br />KITTITA5 COUNTY <br />THOSE PRESENT: Alan Crankovich, Mark McClain, Paul Jewell (BOCC), Kirk <br />Holmes, Doug D'Hondt, Christina Wollman, Maria Fischer <br />(PW) Matt Anderson (Maint), Brenda Larsen, Jeffrey <br />Moore (FM), James Rivard, Amber Simon, Linda Navarre <br />(PH) <br />GUESTS PRESENT: Catherine Clerf, Chad Bala, Lindsey Ozbolt, Marc <br />Kirkpatrick, Allison Kimball, Sean Northrup, Pedro <br />Howard, Dana Cowger <br />ENERGY GRANT <br />DISCUSSION: Christina stated that the Upper County Shop <br />Weatherization project has more than doubled in cost <br />because the scope of work changed. They are asking to <br />have Energy Grant funds moved from the Morris -Sorenson <br />Building to the Upper County Shop Project to help cover <br />the costs. Christina explained the increased costs and <br />noted that the actual grant budget has not changed. Kirk <br />added that the issue is re -allocating some funds so we can <br />fund a larger portion of the Upper County Shop Energy <br />Efficiency Project. Christina noted that the original quote <br />for work did not include all of the project costs. Matt noted <br />that if the lights in the Morris -Sorenson Building are <br />retrofitted with grant funds we would also see a savings <br />from the City of Ellensburg in the form of a Utility Rebate in <br />the amount of $7000.00. Kirk noted that the ERR match for <br />the Upper County Shop Project is not cash: it is in the form <br />of staff time and equipment. Discussion followed. <br />Board Direction: Provide a breakdown of all costs for the Lipper County <br />Shop Weatherization Project, and provide details on <br />the proposed lighting retrofit for the Morris -Sorenson <br />Building. <br />CDBG GRANT <br />APPLICATION: <br />411 N. Ruby, Suite #1 <br />Ellensburg, WA 98926 <br />Doug stated that an opportunity has come up for Vantage <br />Water District #6 to apply for CDBG funding, and their <br />consultant is present from Varela & Associates. Dana <br />Cowger stated that CDBG grant funds need to be applied <br />for by a government entity, such as the County. He <br />explained the scope and timing of the proposed project. <br />The County involvement would include being the <br />Sim <br />TEL (509) 962-7523 <br />FAX (509) 962-7663 <br />