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COMMISSIONERS' MINUTES <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />COMMISSIONERS AUDITORIUM <br />SPECIAL MEETING <br />TUESDAY 2:00 P.M. JANUARY 04, 2011 <br />Board members present: Chairman Paul Jewell., Vice -Chairman Alan <br />Crankovich and Commissioner O'Brien. <br />Others: Catherine Dunn, Deputy Clerk of the Board; Judy Pless, Budget <br />and Finance Manager; Deanna Panattoni, Treasurer; Megan Acree, <br />Treasurer's Office. <br />PUBLIC HEARING <br />NSF FEES <br />AUDITOR <br />At 2:00 p.m. Chairman Jewell opened a public hearing to consider <br />increasing NSF fees from $20.00 to $25.00 and the Internal <br />Transaction Fee from $5.00 to $10.00. <br />Judy Pless, Budget and Finance Manager, explained the current NSF fee <br />was established in 1992. She said the industry standard for the NSF <br />fee is $35.00 to $40.00. She said this change would affect all <br />departments. <br />Currently, the County Treasurer charges $5.00 for each NSF to each <br />county department, fund and junior taxing district. This would <br />increase to $10.00. <br />THERE BEING NO ONE IN ATTENDANCE REQUESTING TO TESTIFY, THE PUBLIC <br />PORTION OF THE HEARING WAS CLOSED. <br />RESOLUTION 201.1.-002 <br />NSF FEES <br />AUDITOR <br />Vice -Chairman Crankovich moved to approve Resolution 201.1-002 <br />increasing NSF fees from $20.00 to $35.00 and the Internal <br />Transaction Fee from $5.00 to $1.0.00. Commissioner O'Brien seconded <br />the motion. Motion carried, 3--0. <br />The meeting was adjourned at 2:03 p.m. <br />DEPUTY CLERK OF THE BOARD <br />Catherine Dunn <br />2011-01-04 MINUTE S <br />KITTITAS COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON <br />Paul Jewell, Chairman <br />