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AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROGRAM <br />GRANT AGREEMENT" <br />This Affordable Housing Surcharge Fund Grant Agreen-rent ("Agreement") is <br />entered into between KITTITAS COUNTY, a political subdivision of the State of <br />Washington (the "County") and Habitat for Humanity Ellensburg ("Recipient"). <br />ARTICLE I. — PURPOSE AND TERM <br />Section 1.1 PurL?ose: The purpose of this Agreement is to distribute affordable housing <br />surcharge funds awarded pursuant to RCW 36.22.178, <br />Section 1.2 Term.: This Agreement is a raaatching funds brant and will begin when <br />Recipent presents proof of matching funds when :requesting the reimbursement to the <br />Kittitas County Auditor's Office. <br />ARTICLE 11— GRANT AMOUNT, USE AND BUDGET <br />Section 2.1 Grant Amount: The Recipient is awarded a total of $50,000 (the "Grant <br />Award"). Grant Award # A.14.2OI0-00. <br />Section 2.2 Use of Granit. The Recipient: shall use the Grant Award solely for the <br />purposes and in the manner described in Exhibit A - Statement of Wort: and Reporting <br />Requirements (the "Project"). Adjustments to Proposed Project. Timelines may be <br />requested in writing, to the Comin.ittee and recommended to the Board of Kittitas County <br />Commissioners. These recon -emendations may granted or denied at the discretion of the <br />Board of Kittitas County Commissioners. <br />Section 2.3 Projects funded with the Affordable Housing grant funds must ensure that <br />they remain affordable to law -income households, retaining the character of such funding <br />to meet the objectives and requirements of the low-income Dousing law and continuing to <br />serve the low-income housing community in accord with the intent and requirements of <br />RCW 36.22.178 and, for at least a period of twenty-five years. The <br />Recipient is responsible to see that this is accomplished. The Recipient understands that <br />fa -lure to do so will result in the Recipient having to repay the grant funds to the County <br />together with interest at the maximum legal rate in existence at the time the grant funds are <br />paid to the Recipient. <br />Section 2.4 All new housing projects shall have the twenty-five year restriction, as <br />above stated, placed on the deed. At the egad of twenty-five years, the restriction may be <br />removed. The Recipient and/or subsequent beneficiaries are responsible to see that this is <br />acconipli.shed, and the County assumes no responsibility therefor. <br />A.ffoydabte Housing Cirant A yrecnnent Page 1 of l l <br />