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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />COMMISSIONER REGULAR MEETING <br />Human Resource Study Session <br />September 28, 2010 <br />10:00 AM <br />Topic .` <br />OerltCUM % NIIiIUt�S <br />Labor Relations Update <br />$ Session began at 10:00 a.m. <br />® Local 792 CH (Courthouse) <br />+ The Board entered executive session at 10 a.m. to discuss <br />• Local 760 (Probation) <br />matters relating to collective bargaining. <br />g• <br />® Local 760 (Corrections) -- added as "other" discussion. <br />® Anticipated length: 20 minutes <br />e Anticipated action: Done <br />Anticipated executive session: <br />s The Board exited and re-entered executive session at 10:20 <br />RCW 42.30.5 40 (4)(a) Collective bargaining sessions with employee organizations, <br />a.m. <br />including contract negotiations, grievance meetings, and discussions relating to <br />the interpretation or application of a labor agreement; or (b) that portion of a <br />a Anticipated length: 3 minutes <br />meeting during which the governing body is planning or adopting the strategy or <br />0 Anticipated action: None <br />position to be taken by the governing body during the course of any collective <br />a The Board exited executive session at 10:23 a.m. with no <br />bargaining, professional negotiations, or grievance or mediation proceedings, or <br />action taken. <br />reviewing the proposals made in the negotiations or proceedings while in progress. <br />IIE/Steering Committee <br />• interim HR Director Young asked if the Board would <br />approve a 2-3 hour meeting where all previous HE <br />participants would be invited to discuss the Guiding <br />Statements created with Tammy Redman and the <br />possibility of combining groups. She added that since so <br />many employees have participated, it could impact staffing . <br />in departments where most or all staff would be invited. <br />® The Board indicated that they were in support, but that <br />business need comes first and the employees would have <br />to have the approval of their manager or supervisor to <br />attend. <br />WCIF 2011 Group Master Application <br />01 Interim HR Director Young asked Commissioner Crankovich <br />to review and sign the 2011 WCIF Group Master <br />Application since he has historically been the one involved <br />with the annual renewal. The document was due to the <br />WCIF by 9/24, and was placed on the agenda for signature <br />ratification. Commissioner Jewell moved to ratify <br />Commissioner Crankovich's signature; Chairman McClain <br />seconded. Motion carried 3:0. <br />UDC Staffing <br />+ In response to Judge Ellis' email to Chairman McClain <br />regarding the wage of Court Administrator, Interim HR <br />Director Young gathered some data on similar promotional <br />scenarios. She also indicated that two PAF's for out -of - <br />class pay within the same department were presented on <br />9/27 but held for discussion. She clarified that the PAF's <br />were for a temporary increase in pay per Union contract <br />and did not indicate a permanent position change. <br />® The Board approved the two PAF's as presented and <br />collectively directed Chairman McClain to respond to Judge <br />Ellis letting him know that they will address compensation <br />issues with the budget cycle, and that he would be invited <br />to the next HR Study Session to discuss the organizational <br />%Commissioners <br />-"l <br />structure of the department and out -of -class pay. The <br />€ <br />Fn �) <br />asked Interim HR Director Young to send <br />/"I',- � i " <br />Judge Ellis an invitation to the next meeting. <br />Project Update <br />® Interim HR Director Young provided a brief update on her <br />projects including the evaluation process and policy <br />updates. <br />