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Tourism -Related, Large -Scale, Municipality -Owned Capital Projects <br />Lodging Tax Grant Program Technical Review Team Committee Bylaws <br />Vision <br />Tourism is a vital and growing component of Kittitas County's economy. A healthy tourism <br />industry supports business retention and development and provides jobs for families in our <br />communities. A healthy tourism industry drives investment that expands economic growth. <br />Kittitas County and its citizens benefit in numerous ways from a healthy and growing tourism <br />industry. Kittitas County collects substantial revenue from the sale of transient lodging. The <br />county's tourism industry and the county's citizens will substantially benefit from the <br />reinvestment of lodging tax revenues in tourism -related capital projects. <br />Mission <br />The mission of the Technical Review Team (TRT) is to review the projects which have been <br />placed on the Kittitas County Tourism Infrastructure Plan capital improvement program. The <br />TRT is to evaluate each application as they complete the four -step process outlined in the <br />Tourism -Related, Large -Scale, Municipality -Owned Capital Projects Lodging Tax Grant <br />Program. The TRT will evaluate each project and make recommendations for inclusion in Step 2 <br />Feasibility, Step 3 Design and Permitting, and Step 4 Construction agreements with the project <br />applicants. The TRT is an advisory body only, and all recommendations are subject to review <br />and approval by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). <br />The TRT shall limit its review to assuring inclusion of the elements necessary to be included in a <br />particular Step Agreement; its function is considered non -duplicative of other county and city <br />permitting, planning, and project completion requirements and it shall have no authority to make <br />recommendations or decisions with regard to funding. The TRT may also be called upon to <br />review the completeness of a particular project's Step Agreement and submit a recommendation <br />to the Kittitas County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) and the BOCC. <br />ARTICLE I COMMITTEE <br />1. Composition. The TRT committee shall consist of up to seven voting members and one <br />member of the BOCC who shall not be a voting member. <br />2. _Appgintnients. Members of the committee shall be appointed by the BOCC. <br />3. Terms. Members shall be appointed for terms of five years. No member may be <br />appointed for more than two consecutive five-year terms. The anniversary of a term shall <br />be the First of January, each year. <br />4. Removal. The BOCC reserves the right to remove any member for cause. <br />5. Vacancies. A vacancy in the committee shall exist in case of death, resignation, <br />expiration of term, or removal of a member. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment of <br />the BOCC. The successor member appointed to a vacancy with an unexpired term shall <br />serve the balance of the year of the expired term and then be granted a new term <br />beginning the First of January. <br />