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KITTCOM (KITTITAS COUNTY 9111 <br />700 ELMVIEW ROAD <br />ELLENSBURG, WASHINGTON 98926 <br />509/925-8534 • FAx 509/925-8540 <br />A GENDA REPORT <br />JANUARY 29, 2018 <br />TO: Board of County Commissioners <br />FROM: Darlene Mainwaring, Director, 925-8530' ,,,a���'C'U'-ot <br />RE: E911 Agenda Item <br />ACTION: Consider E911 Amendment A to Contract for State FY2018 #E18-024 <br />BACKGROUND: By RCW, enhanced 911 services are a county obligation, which Kittitas County delegated <br />to KITTCOM. Two sources are used to fund the mandate; a local $.70 per month per access line tax and <br />grants from the State Enhanced 911 Program Office for WAC eligible services and equipment not fully <br />funded by local E911 tax revenue. <br />The E9-1-1 Operations Contract has a decreased amount from the original agreement. The excise taxes <br />for wireline and wireless continue to decrease and the prepaid wireless & VoIP do not increase enough to <br />supplant the difference. During FY17 as we purchased the Capital Equipment for the Next Generation 9-1-1 <br />phone system and the recorder, we included the maintenance costs for the next few years which are <br />deducted from our operations contracts, however this approach provided cost savings going forward. <br />The reason for the additional decrease of $19,670.00 from our Coordinator Professional Development <br />(CPD) is due to the State 911 Office not having sufficient funds to support the NG911 project to move the <br />911 date from the older legacy, analog ESlnet to the NG911 ESlnet. CPD funds are provided to all <br />counties, not just Operations Counties who receive Grant funds, and all counties decreased CPD by 50% <br />for the remainder of Fiscal Year 18. The NG911 ESlnet project includes moving all 39 counties, <br />approximately 67 PSAPs (public safety answering points) to the new Internet Protocol (IP) system over the <br />next 10 months, funding two ESlnet providers during the process. <br />INTERACTION: Contract Amendment E18 -024A for E911 operations is before the Board for consideration. <br />RECOMMENDATION: Authorize the Board Chairman to sign the Enhanced 911 contract with the <br />Washington State Military Department. <br />HANDLING: Return two copies of the executed contract to the Military Department along with a signature <br />page. <br />ATTACHMENTS: A contract and signature page from the Washington State Military Department. <br />