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Kittitas County Commissioners <br />Agenda Staff Report <br />Agenda Date: July 7, 2015 <br />Action requested: <br />Conduct a closed record hearing to consider the Hearing Examiner's recommendation for Big Buck Ridge <br />Preliminary Cluster Plat (LP-07-00040). <br />Background: <br />Wayne Nelson authorized agent for Becky Andrus, landowner, has submitted a performance based cluster <br />plat application to create 14 one acre single family parcels and approximately eleven acres of open space. <br />The plat proposes a group B water system and onsite individual septic systems. The subject property’s <br />zoning is vested as Residential 3. <br />The subject property is 2 parcels, located approximately 1/2 mile north of the Yakima Avenue in the City <br />of Cle Elum at 140 Big Buck Ridge Road (outside city limits), Cle Elum WA, in a portion of Section 26, <br />Township 20N, Range 15E, WM in Kittitas County, bearing Assessor’s map numbers 20-15-26010-0010 <br />and 20-15-26010-0009. <br />The application for the Big Buck Ridge Plat was submitted to Community Development Services (CDS) <br />on June 20, 2007. On July 18, 2007, staff issued a letter of incomplete application, requiring an address <br />list for all landowners within 300 feet of the proposal. The file indicates that the requested address list <br />was submitted to CDS on July 23, 2007 (see index document 10, page 1 of the record) On August 16, <br />2007 staff sent a letter to the applicant indicating that a prior land use action (the Andrus rezone RZ-06- <br />00023) mandated through a SEPA Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance that a Traffic Impact <br />Analysis (TIA) be completed (as well as a road variance) before review of the application could continue. <br />The letter did not indicate a precise determination as to the status of the application at that time. Current <br />Staff has taken the position that the application was complete at that time based on the following: <br />KCC Chapter 15A.03.040(3): “A project permit application is complete for the purposes of this <br />title when it meets the procedural submission requirements of Kittitas County and is sufficient for <br />continued processing even though additional information may be required or project <br />modifications may be undertaken subsequently. The determination of completeness shall not <br />preclude Kittitas County from requesting additional information or studies either at the time of <br />the notice of completeness or subsequently if new information is required or substantial changes <br />in the proposed action occur.” <br /> <br />The Plat Application Form (see index document 5, page 1) stipulates that a “Required <br />Attachment” for a preliminary plat is an “Address list of all landowners within 300 feet of the <br />site's tax parcel…” This “procedural submission requirement” as described above, was met by <br />the applicant July 23rd, 2007 following Staff’s Deem Incomplete and Request for Additional <br />Information on July 18th, 2007.