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February 1, 2011 <br />Kittitas County Commissioners <br />Attn: Alan Crankovich <br />Dear Alan Crankovich; <br />Upper Kittitas County Youth Baseball Association (UKCYBA) is continuing its development of the multi -sports complex at <br />Memorial Field in Cie Glum, known as Memorial Park East Complex. <br />Last year, we requested $70,000 dollars in REST funds from the County and received $50,000 dollars for the use of <br />developing two additional youth fields that would double the space for both baseball and softball. This money was used <br />for the irrigation and backstops of these fields. The costs of the project were higher than expected and we are still in the <br />process of finishing these additional fields. <br />In 2011, we requested $33,6801.00 from the County Hotel/Motel Tax Funds to go towards finishing this project but were <br />disqualified because we inadvertently did not submit a budget. This year we were awarded $15,000 dollars from the <br />City of Cie Elum in Hotel/Motel Tax Funds to go towards this project. We are requesting $20,000 dollars in REET funds <br />from the County to combine with the money we will receive from the City to finish this project. <br />The Memorial Park 4 -Flex initially was built and upgraded through private donations, grants and volunteer labor under <br />the direction and management of UKCYBA in cooperation with the City of Cie Elum. <br />This past season we had approximately 230 local girls and boys participate on 24 teams. These kids were from the cities <br />of Cie Elum, Roslyn, South Cie Elum and upper Rural Kittitas County. We hope to bring even more kids to the sport this <br />season. This year we are hosting the girls Babe Ruth State Softball Tournament and the boys IOU and 12U Coal Bowl <br />Tournament. By hosting these events, money will be brought to our community due to families coming for overnight <br />stays because of the games being an early start in the mornings. Hosting baseball and softball tournaments has always <br />been a draw to our community. <br />When this project is complete, it will relieve usage of the school fields, allow for youth tournament play, relieve <br />scheduling problems and place the majority of the youth activities at one site. If this project has the continued support <br />of the County, the communities of this area will have a youth facility that they can be proud of and would want others to <br />come and enjoy it with there. <br />Thank you in advance for your consideration. Please call me if you have any additional questions. I can be reached at <br />509-674-8153 or via email at <br />Madra�s <br />Chair <br />Your 2011 UKCYBSA Board of Directors <br />Kevin Larimer Thad Vaughn Vai Ward <br />Jodi Snyder Wayne Nelson Dave Lussier <br />Laura Vaughn FEB 14 2011 <br />Wendie Kelly yp <br />QTYBOARD OF <br />