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Julie FC"rrrsvik <br />From: <br />Nancy Goodloe [] <br />Sent: <br />Monday, January 31, 2011 1:29 PM <br />To: <br />Paul Jewell; Alan Crankovich; Obie OBrien <br />Cc: <br />Julie Kjorsvik; Judy Pless <br />Subject: <br />2010 PIT count <br />Attachments: <br />PIT Data 2010.doc; ATT00001.txt <br />Commissioners, attached is the 2010 Point In Time data. The chart I used to cite the numbers <br />in our recommendation is on page 2. I added the numbers in each of the past 5 years and <br />divided by 5 to get the numbers in the recommendation. They are averages. If you need other <br />info, do not hesitate to contact me, Thanks. nancy <br />I <br />