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KITTITAS COUNTY <br />TREASURER'S OFFICE <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE: March 1, 2011 <br />ACTION REQUESTED: Approve Addendum #4 to License Agreement between Kittitas <br />County and Balanced Action, Inc. <br />BACKGROUND: The Kittitas County Treasurer's Office is requesting approval from <br />the Board of County Commissioners for the purchase of three <br />additional modules to the CashTax system. Currently the <br />Treasurer's Office is operating eleven modules in CashTax, <br />including Investments, Warrants, Timber Tax and Leasehold. <br />Additionally, our office handles the processing of all daily cash <br />receipts and disbursements. CashTax is also extremely beneficial <br />to the Treasurer's Office because it has the ability to interface to <br />TerraScan for all tax collection reporting. CashTax currently <br />provides GL Detail, GL Recap, Investment, and Warrant reports <br />for 84 county funds, 186 junior taxing districts, and 58 state funds. <br />The Treasurer's Office has an excellent working relationship with <br />Steve Kleinbart, the sole owner and programmer of CashTax, who <br />is always available to assist staff. He also works diligently with <br />Kittitas County to personalize the functions of CashTax to best fit <br />our specific needs. <br />The three additional modules we are requesting approval for are as <br />follows: <br />CashTax Long Term Debt Management, which will allow the <br />Treasurer's Office to accurately apply ULID loan payments, as <br />well as the tracking and management of bond debt according to <br />auditing standards. This module will allow the transactions to be <br />exported to receipts and additionally to Cayenta. The loan portion <br />of this module will allow the tracking and management of loans <br />with multiple amortization schedules and varying interest rates, <br />while automating the tendering of payments and creating receipts. <br />The bond portion of this module will allow the Treasurer's Office <br />to make all debt payments in a timely manner, while decreasing <br />staff time. This module is also essential for operations with <br />Cascade Irrigation. Currently, the Treasurer's Office bills for two <br />Cascade Irrigation LID Companies, with a third one being added <br />mid -summer. Our office is unable to bill these accounts for 2011 <br />until we have acquired this module. Overall, this addition to <br />CashTax will assistant our office in complying with auditing <br />standards, reduce staff time, and allow better service for customers. <br />