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SOLICITATIONICONTRACT/ORDER FOR COMMERCIAL ITEM <br />1. REQUISITION NUMBED <br />PAGE OF <br />OFFEROR TO COMPLETE BLOCKS 12, 17, 23, 24, a 30 <br />10010034049 <br />1 2 <br />2. CONTRACT NO. <br />3. AWARD/ <br />ORDER NUMBER 5, <br />SOLICITATION NUMBER <br />6. SOLICITATION <br />EFFECTIVE DATE <br />�4. <br />ISSUE DATE <br />L10PX03950 <br />WITH THE SPECIFICATIONS OUTLINED IN SECTION B OF <br />7. FOR SOLICITATION <br />NAME <br />b. TELEPHONE NUMBER (No collect calls) <br />8. OFFER DUE DATE /LOCAL TIME <br />INFORMATION CALL <br />�a. <br />Donald L Vicena <br />509-536-1234 <br />9, ISSUED BY CODE LHW <br />10. THIS ACQUISITION IS <br />Suggested COR: ESCOTT <br />® UNRESTRICTED OR ❑ SETASIDE: % FOR: <br />BLM OR -SPOKANE DIST OFC(ORW00) <br />1103 N FANCHER ROAD <br />❑ SMALL BUSINESS ❑EMERGING SMALL <br />Account Assignment: K G/L Account: 6100.252R0 <br />BuslNEss <br />SPOKANE WA 99212 <br />NAICS: 922120 ❑HUBZONE SMALL ❑SOLE SOURCE <br />Business Area: L000 Commitment Item: 252R00 Cost <br />BUSINESS <br />SIZE STANDARD: <br />❑SERVICE -DISABLED VETERAN- ❑8(A) <br />OWNED SMALL BUSINESS <br />11, DELIVERY FOR FOB DESTINA- <br />12. DISCOUNT TERMS <br />13b. RATING <br />TION UNLESS BLOCK IS <br />❑ 13a. THIS CONTRACT IS A <br />MARKED <br />RATED ORDER UNDER <br />14. METHOD OF SOLICITATION <br />SEE SCHEDULE <br />DPAS (15 CFR 700) <br />Continued ... <br />❑RFQ ❑IFB ❑ RFP <br />15. DELIVER TO CODE 10004276621 <br />16, ADMINISTERED BY CODE LHW <br />BLM-OR SPOKANE WENATCHEE FIELD OFFI <br />BLM OR SPOKANE DIST OFC(ORW00) <br />915 NORTH WALLA WALLA STREET <br />1103 N FANCHER ROAD <br />WENATCHEE WA 98801 <br />SPOKANE WA 99212 <br />17e. CONTRACTOR/ CODE 0070136992 FACILITY <br />18a. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY CODE LOOO INV <br />OFFEROR CODE <br />01 <br />KITTITAS, COUNTY OF <br />OC622 - PAYMENTS SECTION <br />205 WEST 5TH - SUITE 105 <br />BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT <br />ELLENSBURG WA 98926-2891 <br />DENVER FEDERAL CENTER, BLDG. 50 <br />MS OC -620 Payments <br />PO BOX 25047 <br />DENVER CO 80225 <br />TELEPHONE NO. <br />LJ iu. ..n�i,n it ncrvil i ir�rv�� w uirr r.nov ruvu ru oui,n r�uuttc�o Iry Urrcn lao, bU[SIVII I IIVVUIIaS I U AUUItt66 BFIUVVN IN BLUCK 1tla UNLL6S BLOCK BELOW <br />IC r`.HL''w" F-1--ennFnlnl IPA <br />19. <br />ITEM NO. <br />20. <br />SCHEDULE OF SUPPLIES/SERVICES <br />21, <br />QUANTITY <br />22. <br />UNIT <br />23. <br />UNIT PRICE <br />24. <br />AMOUNT <br />KITTITAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT SHALL <br />PERFORM LAW ENFORCEMENT PATROLS IN ACCORDANCE <br />WITH THE SPECIFICATIONS OUTLINED IN SECTION B OF <br />THIS AWARD. <br />Suggested COR: ESCOTT <br />Account Assignment: K G/L Account: 6100.252R0 <br />Business Area: L000 Commitment Item: 252R00 Cost <br />Center: LILOR990000 Functional Area: <br />L10600000,NU0000 Fund: XXXL1109AF Fund Center: <br />LLOR990000 Asset Sub Number: 0000 PR Acct Assign <br />Continued ... <br />(Use Reverse and/or Attach Additional Sheets as Necessary) <br />25. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA <br />26. TOTAL AWARD AMOUNT (For Govt. Use Only) <br />01 <br />$25,000.00 <br />,-Zia. JULIU I A I IUN IIVGUW1U1<F\ I t5 CY FttFtRLNUt FAR b2.212-1, 52.212-4. FAR 52.212-3 AND 52.212-5 ARE ATTACHED. ADDENDA ❑ ARE ❑ ARE NOT ATTACHED. <br />X� 27b. CONTRACT/PURCHASE ORDER INCORPORATES BY REFERENCE FAR 52.212-4, FAR 52.212-5 IS ATTACHED. ADDENDA ❑X ARE ❑ ARE NOT ATTACHED. <br />L-128. CONTRACTOR IS REQUIRED TO SIGN THIS DOCUMENT AND RETURN <br />COPIES TO ISSUING OFFICE, CONTRACTOR AGREES TO FURNISH AND DELIVER <br />ALL ITEMS SET FORTH OR OTHERWISE IDENTIFIED ABOVE AND ON ANY ADDITIONAL <br />SHEETS SUBJECT TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS SPECIFIED HEREIN, <br />30a. SIGNATURE OF OFFEROR/CONTRACTOR <br />30b. NAME AND TI`TLLE OF SIGNER (Type orprint) 30c. DATE SIGNED <br />6evi t kt��, N-oyti,r-r= ice- �, -I � <br />❑ 29. AWARD OF CONTRACT REF, NONE OFFER <br />DATED . YOUR OFFER ON SOLICITATION (BLOCK 5), <br />INCLUDING ANY ADDITIONS OR CHANGES WHICH ARE SET FORTH <br />HEREIN, IS ACCEPTED AS TO ITEMS: <br />31a. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (SIGNATURE OF CONTRACTING OFFICER) <br />31b. NAME OF CONTRACTING OFFICER (Type orprint) 31c. DATE SIGNED <br />Donald L Vicena 08/24/2010 <br />AU I "UW, LU I-Ul' LUUAL KLF'IYUUUU I IUIV STANDARD FORM 1449 (REV. 312005) <br />PREVIOUS EDITION IS NOT USABLE Prescribed by GSA - FAR (48 CFR) 53.212 <br />