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KTTTTTAS COUNTY <br />BOARD OF COUNTS' COMMISSIONERS <br />AGENDA STAFF REPORT <br />AGENDA DATE: March 1, 201 <br />AC'T'ION REQUESTED: Request to Approve a Special Event Application - Yakila-a <br />River Canyon Marathon (April 2, 201 1) <br />BACKGROUND: The Commissioners office received a Special Event application to <br />hold the annual Yakiina River Canyon Marathon on Saturday April <br />2, 2©1 1. <br />INTERACTION: On February 15, tori the Board of County Commissioners granted <br />a request for two Nvaivers of Kittitas County Code Chapters <br />5.20. 100 (portal Bond - Bond of Indemnity) and 5.20.020 (Pori -nit <br />Application) submittal of application within 6o -days. <br />According to I6ttitas County Code Chapter 5.20.020, the <br />application must be sent for input to the following county <br />departments: Public Health, Fire Marshal, Sheriff, Prosecutor, <br />Auditor, Public Works and Solid Waste. Staff has received <br />recon-imendations of approval of the event from Reno Allphin, <br />Solid Waste Specialist; Gene Rana, Sheriff; Neil Caulkins, Deputy <br />Prosecutor; Jerry Pettit, Auditor; Ryan Berge, Public Worlts <br />Department; Brenda Larsen, Eire Marshal and Jan-ies Rivard., <br />Public Health Interim Co -Administrator, <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Appro-ve the Events Application to hold the annual Yakima River <br />Canyon Marathon on Saturday April 2, 2011. <br />L DLA NG: BOCC staff to send letter to applicant of the Board's decision. <br />ATTACHMENTS: Special Event Application <br />Certificate of Liability Insurance <br />Memos from County Departments ��,rith recommendations <br />IZittitas County Code Chapter 5.20 - Event Permits <br />L STAFF: Julie I�jorsvik, Clerk of the Board <br />