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C'Upter 5.20 <br />SectiollEs <br />5.20.005 Legislative latent, <br />5.20.010 Basic clause. <br />5.20.015 EYceptiorB. <br />520,020 Pe.rr.uit application - Approval - Denial.. <br />5.20.030 Application fora. <br />5.20.040 Repealed, <br />5.20041 Repealed. <br />5.20.050 Repealed. <br />5.20.060 Repealed. <br />5.20.070 Repealed. <br />5.20.080 Inspectiora - Enforcement. <br />5.20.090 Per.ir7it required - Fee -.Regulations. <br />5.20.100 Penal bond - Bond of indemnity. <br />5.20.110 Posting. <br /> Applicant age. <br />5.20130 Statement of right to revoke on permit. <br />5.20.140 Grounds for revocation. <br />5.20.150 Revocation not exclusive pemilty. <br />5.20.160 Closing hours. <br />5.20.170 Repealed, <br /> Preserving order - Operator's duty. <br />5.2{},190, construction.. <br />5.20.200 Distance from habitation. <br />5.20.2 10 'ernut posting - Nontransterabitity. <br />5.20.220 Permit application. <br />5.20230 Violation - Penalty. <br />5.20.240 Compliance. <br />5.20.250 Enforcement. <br />5,20260 Reservation. <br />5.20.270 Severability and saving. <br />5.20.005 Legislative intent. <br />The Board. of County Con)m.issioncrs declares it to he the public interest,, and for the protection. of the <br />, welf ire and property of the residents of the county ot.Kittitas to provide for the orderly and lawf€rl <br />conduct of any assembly of persons for the primary purpose of entertainment., arnusement, or sporting <br />events or show's to be held. within Kittitas County by assuringr that the proper sanitary, health, lire, safety <br />acid police measures are provided and nimiitai .aed. (Ord. 2009-22, 2009) <br />5.20.010 Basic clause. <br />It is unlawful for any person, corporation, organization, landowner, or lessor to allow, encourage, <br />organize, promote, conduct, permit or cause to be advertised an entertainment, amusement, sporlirtg <br />event, or show or assembly of persons wherein the primary purpose will be entertainment, amusement, <br />sporting; event, or show unless a valid county permit has been obtained for the operation of said public <br />amusement, ente-ila- mtrent or assembly. One such permit shall be required for each public entertainment <br />or other amusement events. Criminal or civil liability for failure to comply with the provisions ofthis <br />chapter shall rest, in all persons, corporations, organizations, la.ndowiaers or lessors wlto are responsible <br />