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Hultz/BHU Engineers Inc. <br />2407 North 31" Street, Suite 200 <br />Tacoma, WA 98407 <br />CHANGE ORDER <br />PROJECT CHANGE ORDER NO.: 5 <br />DATE: November 15, 2010 <br />Kittitas Jail - Mechanical Repairs <br />ARCHITECTS PROJECT NO.: 09-098 <br />CONTRACT DATE: April 6, 2010 <br />TO CONTRACTOR <br />Holmberg Company <br />1128 811 Street <br />Kirkland, WA 98033 <br />THE CONTRACT IS CHANGED AS FOLLOWS: <br />The original Contract Sum was <br />$ 1,235,400.00 <br />Net Change by previously authorized Change Orders <br />$ 39,775.00 <br />The Contract Sum prior to this Change Order was <br />$ 1, 275,175.00 <br />The Contract Sum will be increased by this Change Order in the amount of <br />S 9,713.00 <br />The new Contract Sum including this Change Order will be <br />$ 1,284,888.00 <br />The Contract Time will be changed by <br />Seven (7) Days <br />The date of Substantial Completion as of the date of this Change Order therefore is <br />October 29, 2010 <br />NOTE: This Change Order does not include changes in the Contract Sum, Contract Time or Guaranteed Maximum Price <br />which have been authorized by Construction Change Directive until the cost and time have been agreed upon by both the <br />Owner and Contractor, in which case a Change Order is executed to supersede the Construction Change Directive. <br />DESCRIPTION OF CHANGE: <br />1. See attached FA -04 Control Room Plumbing leak Repair. $ 1,234 / <br />2. See attached FA -05 Replace Main Kitchen Hood Fan. $ 4,457' <br />3. See attached FA -06 Add Plywood at K -Mod. $ 297 � <br />4. See attached FA -07 Relocate Elevator Control Wiring. $ 2,995 ✓ <br />5. See attached COP -10 K -Mod and A -Mod Mirrors. $260t-- <br />6. <br />260`-- <br />6. See attached COP -13 Credit for Reusing AHO Dampers. ($1,205)t- <br />7. <br />$1,205)ti7. See attached COP -14 Repair Exterior Lighting Contactor. $ 1,675 � <br />NOT VALID UNTIL SIGNED BY THE ENGINEER, CONTRACTOR AND OWNER <br />Hultz/BHU Engineers Inc <br />ENGINEERING FIRM <br />i <br />i <br />y (Sigrtatare) <br />Rick Hultz <br />(Priwed Name) _ <br />Date <br />Kittitas County <br />OWNER <br />By (Signalum) <br />(Printed Name) <br />