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(5-2) MERIT INCREASE CHART <br />Quick Links <br />• Return to Table of Contents <br />Effective Date: 01/01/03 <br />Revision Date: 01/01/11 <br />Employees are eligible to receive a merit increase corresponding to the overall performance rating shown <br />on their current written performance evaluation. <br />Rating Percentage <br />Improvement Essential 0% <br />Satisfactory <br />2.0% Above Average <br />Superior <br />This chart is updated under the authority of the Board of County Commissioners. The Board reserves the <br />right to modify the chart at any time without prior notice. <br />Budget Guidelines for Merit Increases <br />Each department will be provided a budgeted amount for merit increases calculated by multiplying the <br />number of active non-bargained employees, excluding hourly employees, by a set merit budget <br />percentage. The Board of County Commissioners will determine the merit budget percentage during the <br />annual budget process which is based upon a variety of factors, including current and projected budget <br />conditions, CPI, and historical averages. For 2011 the percentage has been set at 2.0%, and will be <br />available to those who are at the top of their range. <br />Individual merit increases will follow the merit increase chart. Each department must stay within their total <br />budgeted amount for merit increases. Any exceptions to this policy must be presented to the Board of <br />County Commissioners. <br />